Killtown: Scrapbook

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Mike said...


I believe you are barking up the wrong tree here.

About a year ago i began persuit of killtowns identity and despite several dead ends, I did manage to get several a few IP addresses and information from someone who ran a forum he was using. He logged in through confirmed proxy IP addresses all the time, but on ONE occasion he had logged in without a proxy address, and this particular address resolved to comcast, near Mt. Laurel, NJ. Keep in mind killtown is a name for jersey city and also a fictional city in NJ. You've done some good work, and I dedicate a few hours a week to similar work. You appear to have more time on your hands for this type of thing so i hope you can take the information i have given you and make some progress.

gotcha said...


yeah, killtown's been lots of places. what broke it open was the no planes show down in jan feb this year. what he was doing before who knows but webfairy and nico say he's with jennifer now.

the email headers we get from people donating info sometimes have tor nodes, sometimes not. some people think theres more than one killtown. one whos a grammar nazi. one whos a computer whiz. looking at posts at 911movement this is possible.

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thx again