Time has a way of bringing even mountains down...

I'm tired of your psychology
To bring me to my bended knees
And if I could only talk to you
I'm sure that I could make you see
'cause time has a way
Of bringing even mountains down, down, down
Storm clouds are coming
I suggest you head for higher ground

I say you're a thing of the past
And you ain't gonna last
No matter what you say or do
It's all caught up to you

You're duty-free, you're tax-exempt
You party with the president
And you dance the dance so naturally
Why not believe you're heaven-sent
But time has a way of bringing
Even mountains down, down, down
There's a storm cloud a-comin'
I insist you head for higher ground

You talk talk and you get so intense
That you almost make sense
And that's what scares me the most
You as the host of celebrity lies
It's prime time, baby
Can't you see in my eyes, it's a

Cold war-running in the streets
Everybody you meet
Know's it's going down, don't you know
Cold war-blood is in the air
Everyone everywhere says it's time
To get ready for a
Cold war-looking at me
From behind every tree
There's a scared man running from a
Cold war-don't you look now
But the skinny boy's a streetfighting man...

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