A word from Val McClatchey

ms mcclatchey
has authorized anonymous
to release these statements and corrections
for the record

I would like to be able to clear up several misquotes from the press regarding
my statements. Since so many "researchers" rely solely on the media's version.

First, never did I say that I heard the plane fly over the lake.

What was asked by a reporter: Did I know it was a commercial airplane?

My reply was: "No, I thought it was a small plane trying to get to the nearest airport because we often have small airplanes flying here and have to pull up because of hills and trees".

We also have a landing strip at the lake and Somerset is also nearby. Hence the sound of the engine surge.

Second, my helicopter friend. He had done several fly overs of the area, never announced over the previous couple of years. Until July '01, I had only used disposable cameras especially to use at car shows. I had bought the HP315 and had only taken a few pictures with it prior to 911. I left it on the end table by the door to hopefully catch a pic the next time he did a flyover. Our club car show was the 3rd weekend in Aug which he and his family attended, (the) camera was on that table for weeks.

Several neighbors saw the photo still in the camera prior to it being downloaded. I have the original memory card, it was returned a couple of years ago.

Regarding our financial situation, no one has ever checked this obviously, but a settlement had been reached and we were able to keep our home that way. Yes, we lost our business. That's a whole other story since it wasn't lost because of anything we did. And yes the insurance rates went out of our price range because of 911. We couldn't afford multi-million $$ rates.

Hmm, starting my own office... I worked for 3 years in an office prior to being able to open an office. Big deal, it cost less than 1 commission to do so.

we made
minor spelling and formating edits
to the text above
otherwise it is as ms. mcclatchey wrote it.

and if anonymous has made a mistake
we will correct our error without hesitation
at ms. mcclatchey's request
unlike some

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