Joe Vialls: bio, possible connections?





….an unauthorized, brief, biography
by Stewart Beattie
-- in the public interest --
© Stewart Beattie - all rights reserved

A Student Asks Forbidden Questions
November 16, 2003

“Who is Joe Vialls? Is he consummate researcher, investigator and expert? Or is he agent provocateur, magician, and master of disinformation?”

Michael Mazur shot back:~ "Jeff, who is D. Michael?"

This is the wall I came against as I tried to research: ~ 'Who is Joe Vialls?'

After a year and a half, this unauthorized, brief, biography may provide some of the answers.

Beattie and MacGregor

In 1998, I joined forces with a former Victoria policeman - Mr Andrew MacGregor - to investigate the massacre of 35 people in 1996 at Port Arthur in Tasmania. During that same year, Joe Vialls, a lone, independent, investigator with self-promoted experience, attracted a good deal of attention with his writings on the massacre, especially in the area of the Board Arrow Café.

He was a person of intrigue, a skilled storyteller and one whose writing technique was suggestive of journalistic training. My initial inquires to West Australia confirmed that among those who took the trouble to meet the man face to face, their observations confirmed to me a past clouded in intrigue.

MacGregor and Beattie

Vialls' Image Is Established

Australians on the eastern seaboard knew nothing of “Joe” Vialls until long after 1996. His first article published by The Strategy newspaper of May 1997, erroneously promoted a 'fake video', which at the time was claimed to have been handed to a journalist by a Tasmania Policeman.

For Australians and by this article, “Joe” had arrived! Soon, logging-on to ‘surf the Web’, hits and links to "Joe Vialls" popping up like mushrooms after warm autumn rain.

These articles confirmed an ability to gather obscure photographs, maps, diagrams and include them in his now familiar eye-catching, breaking-news articles on the Web, sometimes within hours of the event – that to the unwary - marks him as a remarkable, armchair internet journalist.

One generous, even respected commentator slates “Joe” at NO5 in the world…

On the Web his articles have usually been attributed to “Joe” - Joe Vialls. In excess of 112 articles attributed to him were at one time posted on the Web. Some 19 articles dealing with the Port Arthur massacre alone, have been accredited to "Joe Vialls".

Joe's Pseudonyms

But there also have appeared a variety of pseudonyms: Joe Vialls, O.J. Vialls, Joe Vialis, Joe Vallis, and Joe Viallis; could “Joe” and Agent Fescado be one and the same also? For a considerable time now his Web-postings link him directly to his residential address in Perth, Western Australia, with his bank, account details and number all displayed. His direct appeals for cheques and cash in “almost any banknotes” are linked to a dedicated - ‘Joe Vialls Donation Page’.

Joe's Ancestry

“Joe” claims English ancestry and along with his wife and family is reported as having returned to Perth in 1988, and the family moved-in to Merlyn Drive of Carine, a suburb just north of Perth’s CBD. From the transitive "returned" an initial Perth arrival remains a mystery.

Joe's Image is Perpetuated

In March 1990 though, “Joe” was introduced to the readership of The West Australian newspaper, as a victim of government, allegedly injured in the 1980's by covert, government sponsored mind games, but the readership had to wait a further nine months to learn, as CEO of a failed engine technology developer, he played a central role in the company’s failed takeover bid for The Daily News.

On 31 March of that year, The West Australian published a full two-page article in their Feature, "BIG Weekend", headlined "MIND GAMES". For West Australians, “Joe” Vialls certainly had arrived there

Vialls - A Super Secret Spy In Hiding?

Introduced by Mark Thornton, in the broadsheet's astonishing 2-page feature story, the introduction of “Joe Vialls” - exclusively to West Australians - was big, bold, and most definitely not low key, by any measure. The narrative focused on information provided in the main by the subject himself with some scant corroborative evidence possibly provided by means other than face to face interviews, of the two English based psychologists. “Joe” persistently pleaded his case of being, 'hypnotised unknowingly at some time and very strong post-hypnotic suggestions made which [in 1990 were allegedly] still affecting his life'.

The quite bizarre claims made throughout the narrative of "Mind Games", even had journalist Mark Thornton at times in his writings, almost unable to hide a degree of scepticism. “Eminent psychologist” Prof., Lionel Haward (now deceased) was quoted as defending Joe's theories. But the veracity of the professor’s advice was destroyed, by the publishing of this very article! For Thornton explains that the good professor himself advised “Joe” to vanish to Australia so as to allow the furore (which “Joe” claims he actually instigated), to blow over.

One would have to conclude though that "BIG Weekend" article's revelations run contrary to all of the professor's professional advice; it could hardly be claimed “Joe” really wanted to - "vanish". So to what purpose and whose agenda did this propaganda serve?

To reiterate, Mark Thornton reported Professor Lionel Harward earnestly advising “Joe” to "disappear to Australia and let the whole thing rest." But Joe made the massive shift, possibly from Alderburgh in England, to Perth, but “Joe” ignored entirely an integral part of the professor's sober advice.

Was Vialls Bryant's Champion?

Until late 1997 at most, I took “Joe” Vialls at face value. I thought he was no more than just another lone champion in Australia, supposedly working to expose the intrigues surrounding the Port Arthur massacre, and to have an innocent Martin Bryant's conviction overturned. But it was “Joe's” unwarranted, dismissive persona ubiquitous in his replies to my letters, which indicated something was amiss; so I decided to take a closer look at Joe Vialls.

Beattie Becomes Inquisitive

“Joe” Vialls' hypothesis of Port Arthur massacre is quite flawed. While he lavishes his writing with his clever 'padding' to promote numerous premises as fact, his conclusions are in the main supported by his own brand of unexplained “hard scientific evidence”. Error is one thing – misinformation is nothing less than propaganda in anyone’s language. When genuinely concerned people read misinformation history shows it produces an unpleasant, psychological legacy; they become confused, turn away permanently, ever before they consider different perspectives by other investigators reaching provable conclusions.

My study of “Joe” included reading the multitude of copyrighted articles covering a host of subject matter posted on various Web sites, newspaper articles, letters to the editor, magazines, periodicals, E-mails and primary administrative records.

Joe also introduced himself to an enquiring readership globally via Nexus magazine, via his published article entitled "The Magic Cruise Missile" in their April/May 1993 edition. This début was followed by three further Nexus articles (April-Sept 1994) in Volumes 215, 216 & 217, entitled "The Terrorist Factory" (very much later, posted on the Web).

Joe claimed the latter’s text was lifted from a book manuscript, entitled "Mike-Alpha-Delta-3" (an acronym for "MAD-3"), a work obviously more than just an idea, long before his Perth interview of March of 1990. In the Nexus articles “Joe” claims the manuscript had earlier been submitted to publishers Collins in Sydney (Australia), and although first appraisals looked promising, they rejected the project. Here I shall make three points:

1. “Joe” Vialls would have the reader believe the story line in Mark Thornton's "Mind Games" article is a factual, 20-year-account of his life.
2. “Joe”
Vialls would have readers believe that the narrative of "The Terrorist Factory" is a fictional work based on fact.
3. After reading both narratives, one is forced to conclude they mirror one another.

To dismiss “Joe,”
Vialls with some disparaging label would be very silly. He may well have a strange disposition veiled with intrigues. But as late as November 1998, he was obviously causing some who interacted with him concern as to his mental condition, for at that time he circulate a copy of a letter addressed to him, reformatted with a heading to read: "For Publication". The letter appeared to have originated from out of the Office of Health Review in Perth, in which the complaints officer Stephanie Boyd wrote to "Mr J Vialls" in part:

"When we spoke in April you indicated you were seeking as an outcome to have any reference to mental illness removed from your record … there is no mention or diagnosis of a mental health problem in the notes."
Our subject who simply signs himself “Joe” is a very clever writer, a very clever story teller. But such writers inevitably stamp their work with a unique and obvious, hallmark.

Lack Of Pictures

If you search the Web, as well as his own published work not one photograph of “Joe” will turn up. Only Perth's West Australian captured 2, and the 1990 photograph (at left) was captured by Tony Ashby. From Mark Thornton's article though we learn, “Joe” Vialls returned to Perth with his wife and two children in 1988." His 1988 "return", is corroborated in letters by “Joe” and he also writes of an earlier visit.

In the plethora of Web and periodical newspaper articles such as published in The Strategy and Nexus, he volunteers no more than a fragmented account of his past, but first we shall deal with his name.

A Look At Documentation

"Joe Vialls" snail-mail address: 45 Merlin Drive, Carine, 6020 W.A., Australia.
“Joe” widely advertises his above contact residential address with
Carine 6020, a suburb just north of Perth's CBD. Official documentation dated at February 26, 1990, show the following persons reside at the above address, though “Joe” is no more than an alias:
Otho Jewell Vialls (male),
 Marilyn Ann
Vialls (spouse),
Current public documentation, show a further two persons reside at the above residence:
 Hannah Alexandra (female - aged 27 yrs) and,
 Toby Charles (male aged about 25 yrs).
Some early background to the name

Otho Jewell, a.k.a. “Joe” Vialls, has always inferred English roots. A family history search demonstrates the name of “Vialls” in its various forms appearing rather late in English records with the first Otho Vialls born in 1814, while listings in our subject's form of “Vialls” proved uncommon, the reoccurring given names are unique.
VIALLS Family Tree

Descendants of Otho Vialls

Otho Vialls
........ 2
Otho Vialls 1814 - b: September 1814 in Fulford, Yorkshire, Eng.
............ +Helen Maria Jewell - m: 9 January 1869 St
Pauls, Chichester, Sussex, Eng.
................... 3
Otho Jewell Vialls 1870 - b: Abt. 1870
....................... +Mary Jane
Anslow 1876 - b: 1876 in Folkstone, Kent, Eng.
....................... m: 1897
Elham, Kent, Eng.
............................. 4
Otho Vialls - b: January 1900 in Folkstone, Kent, Eng. Census: 31 March 1901 Folkstone, Kent, Eng.
............................. 4 Alice
Vialls 1898 - b: 1898 in Folkstone, Kent, Eng. Census: 31 March 1901 Folkstone, Kent, Eng.
............................. 4
Marione Vialls 1901 - b: 1901 in Belfast, Ireland.
Census: 31 March 1901 in
Folkstone, Kent, Eng.
............................. 4 Helen Jewell
Vialls 1903 - b: 1903 in Elham, Eng. Census: 31 March 1901 Folkstone, Kent, Eng.

........ 2 Benjamin
Vialls b: January 1816 in France. Ch: 28 January 1816 Elham, Eng.
............ +Fanny
Flockton - m: 21 February 1831 Melbourn, Cambridge, Eng.

................... 3 Anna
Evelina – Ch: 1834, Melbourn, Cambridge Eng. FHL #990296 1558-1851.
In considering the above English records we can but ask: "Are not these the ancestral family of our subject?" My search of records also indicated just six further males named "
Otho" in all English records who may well be descendants of Benjamin and Fanny Flockton - but I cannot confirm a direct relationship. It is from among a different line of surely the same family that the 1871 census shows an Otho Vialls aged 56yrs – also born in France but then a "British subject" – along with his wife Emma aged 41yrs, were "Master" and "Matron" of a Nottingham "workhouse" and in charge of in excess of 350 people; young, old, male and female but all from among the district's poor. The notorious "workhouse" of the period along with its usual tyrant master and helpers that was so well portrayed in the stage-play "Oliver". Research proves the surname in its various forms is more prevalent on the Continent. Therefore in English family history, it is significant that Benjamin's birth (Jan 1816) and the above workhouse master Otho (b. c1815), were both recorded as being once French citizens.

England's 1881 census shows the male #2 Benjamin (by then aged 65 years), residing in
Melbourn, Cambridge (Eng), giving his employment as an "actuary [in a] savings bank". Twenty years later the next census of 31 March 1901, it would appear possible that Benjamin was deceased. However if he were alive he could well have been out of the country at the time, but remember he would have been by then 85-years of age. The Otho Jewell Vialls above (#3 - born Folkstone, Kent, 1870), as #275424, served in the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry, Sherwood Rangers from 1914-1920, and as a Regimental Quarter Master Sergt, he was 'mentioned in dispatches' and awarded Meritorious Service Medals and Territorial Forces Efficiency Medals; it would appear possible that he is our subject's grandfather?

Otho Jewell - a.k.a. “Joe Vialls"

The name Otho Jewell (a.k.a. “Joe” Vialls), was given an ever so slight - "spin" - by "Joe" when he wrote his 1994 Nexus article, "The Terrorist Factory", a now familiar 'in-your-face' introduction to his main character around which the yarn is entwined. Dumped before the reader, the first two words of the very first sentence there is "Otto Jewell"!

The article was later posted on the Internet.

When one compares the narrative in the West Australian "Mind Games" article published of March 31, 1990, with this Nexus article published in 1994 - bearing in mind it was drawn from a manuscript completed I would suggest some time before March 31, of 1990 - the dates and detail of most events referred to in the works are in harmony.
Though much of our subject,
Otho Jewell a.k.a. “Joe” Vialls' life before his return to Australia, has by necessity been drawn from Web-posted-articles, letters, statements, claims, quotations, newspaper articles and some original documentation in the main attributed to "Joe Vialls" himself. If Otho Jewell Vialls had been frank with his readership as to his bona fides from earliest published writings under the nom de plume “Joe Vialls”, the questions raised on the Jeff Rense Web Site and need for this unauthorised biography may not have arisen.

The earliest recounts “Joe” provides us of his life are quite fragmented so "possibly" and "probably" appear often, in part because of paradoxes created by the sourced articles. It is therefore appropriate that you are able to at least consider the relevance of some activities of the his fictional character Otto Jewell, and then compare these (fictional) claims with the (factual?) assertions and reports about Otho Jewell Vialls, by the author “Joe Vialls”.

After the reported death of Otho Jewell Vialls on 17 July 2005, current records of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board of Western Australia* show his birth year as (I previously estimated correctly), 1942/3. During the 1950s and 'as a teenager' he claims he attended secondary schooling in Germany, but for reasons best known to “Joe,” he chooses not to reveal the circumstance surrounding his scholastic adventure in Germany, and to what level and or even the local, and name of the school. (* Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, application number #PC00003945)

Joe Spins an RAF Tale

Though the earliest employment Joe mentions is with the Royal Air Force (RAF); there’s nought about any earlier employment, so it’s possible that he joined the RAF around 1959/60. If he entered the RAF before 1964 he could have entered either as a "boy entrant" or as an "Aircraft Apprentice".

His references to RAF service are deliberately vague.

Ordinarily an ex-serviceman is proud of early career moves, especially with the military services, but “Joe” Vialls is definitely an exception to this rule. After all, a squadron designation and service duration could surely not be claimed to be "classified" information. But in "The Terrorist Factory" his thinly veiled character Otto attained 27 years-of-age in 1970, which is in accord with Joe's claimed 1950's secondary schooling in Germany I should point out.

My Web search of accessible RAF records of previous service between the years 1960-1975 proved fruitless; no person with the surname “Vialls” was found.

Today America imposes its will, albeit the agenda of another lesser nation in the area, on the Arab states boarding the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, but from the Suez Crisis, and at least until 1971, England alone imposed its ‘colonial’ military presence over this strategic part of the Middle East. In 1961 the RAF even assisted Kuwait in military actions against Iraq. But in 1970 Iran was their prime concern. At that time records show the RAF's 845 squadron was flying Wessex helicopters off HMS Bulwark in the Gulf, but of RAF land-based squadrons thereabouts, I can only confirm their "complete withdrawal" occurred in December of 1971.

In a letter to the editor of the West Australian, “Joe” states that early on the morning of 20 February 1970, he was flying in the lead machine, of a group of five RAF
Wessex helicopters which had lifted-off from a RAF land base at Sharjah, on the Persian Gulf, and further that the flight subsequently "carried out one of the most thorough searches in the history of air-sea rescue." But another article claims “Joe” as a "flight engineer with the RAF – not a pilot".

In another instance Joe promotes an early rather vague RAF association, when in an article by “Joe Vialls” dated March 2002, the author tells us “In the early sixties we were sent out to find the crash site of an English Electric Lightning Mach 2 fighter, which went in vertically at nearly 400 miles per hour during an aerobatics display [in Britain].” My search confirmed a collision did occur between two F3 British Electric Lightning jets, during a Farnborough Air Show.

One limped back to base and landed safely while the other piloted by Flt Lt Cooke crashed. Cooke was so badly injured he never flew again. His aeroplane was captured on film, in a nose-down vertical attitude about to plow into the ground, near the little village pub at Wattisham, with the ejected pilot and seat-chute visible near the aircraft; at the time a widely circulated photograph.

But, let’s be specific about this crash. It occurred not roughly ‘in the early sixties’ but in the first year of that decade 1960; surely an easy year to remember in RAF serviceman’s career. As to any involvement by “Joe” in wreckage recovery, I cannot confirm nor refute the claim.

Joe Becomes A Fighter Pilot

Now let’s consider what his doppelganger Otto Jewell tells us. Fictitiously speaking of course, Otto flew in the left-hand pilot's seat of a helicopter's cockpit, thence to a port door-mounted heavy machine gun as he flew over Oman, also "back in 1970". Narrator “Joe” goes on to relate how Otto completed a conversion course on a Northrop F5F jet fighter; a not inconsequential achievement I should say.

So apparently flight engineer “Joe” is relaxed about his plot to have Otto Jewell convert - under mind control – in a jiffy from rotary-winged air-craft to the pilot of a fixed-wing jet fighter; a quantum leap – especially for a flight engineer!

Vialls Investigates Fletcher Shooting

In 1997, “Joe” explains, “In 1992 … I first decided to investigate WPC [Yvonne] Fletcher’s murder the most serious obstacle I encountered was the British media…” Now here “Joe” creates a conundrum; supposedly Joe Vialls and his family returned to Perth, Western Australia in 1988, and he has just told us it wasn’t until 1992 – 4 years later - that he decided to begin investigating the murder of WPC Fletcher who was shot dead in St James Square, London eight years earlier, in April 1984.

Interestingly, he would also have us believe, by repeated inference that he was personally and intimately involved - at that time - with this 1984 assassination; he tells us he was as close as possible to 'ground zero'. Though strangely, the bane of his life - the Fletcher murder – is not raised even in passing in his 1990 interview with The West Australian entitled “Mind Games”. Even although Joe’s alter ego Otto Jewell, as The Terrorist Factory mind-controlled gunman, supposedly shot WPC Fletcher. Then, after 11 years and having fled to Perth, Western Australia (to vanish?), and by a most unconvincing, undated, alleged copy-facsimile, “Joe” expected to convince his readers that a Joe Layburn was flying to Perth, to sort out the evidence described by the author of the facsimile - Richard Belfield of Fulcrum Productions - as ‘elusive and contradictory’. Simply “Joe’s” supportive documents fail the initial credibility test. I’m unconvinced as to its authenticity. But I must point out, this situation almost mirrors his 2001 Sorry Day project to have Martin Bryant released; again his documented evidence was fragmented and not credible.

Of course, his discovery by the media in 1994 would have had nothing at all to do with Mark Thornton's 2-page article in the BIG Weekend feature of The West Australian of March of 1990, “Mind Games”, now would it? But as to this alleged UK media interference, in searching the U.K. media archives I can present no evidence to substantiate his claims.

For any reader of Joe
Vialls' Australian writings it quickly became apparent, the shooting murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher was promoted at least as dominating his thinking for as many as twenty years, as references to the assassination pop-up repeatedly and even in the very first lines of his first published writings on the Port Arthur massacre. Now it may be prudent to consider more of the allegations raised in the "Mind Games" article of 1990. In his latest Web posting (2005), and by displaying two letters on alleged company letterheads, “Joe” attempts to authenticate his close association with the American Hughes Corporation; a company he tells us hired him in 1983.
A subsidiary of Hughes Corp, Hughes Tool Company Ltd (by 1987, Baker Hughes) was a major supplier to the oil drilling industry of their multi-cutter drill bits (patented early last century), as well as invert drilling fluids supply and associated specialist advice.

It is interesting that Joe chooses not to share with us the circumstances by which he allegedly gained the necessary knowledge and experience, so as in 1983 to be
recognised as a "specialist in drilling fluids technology". For in that year he claims Hughes Tools Company hired him to provide expertise to the Indian Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (IONGC), drilling in their West Bengal project, which he tells us required the company's "classified" (?) invert fluid system to be used in IONGC's 'very deep oil well' there, claimed by Joe to have been scheduled to drill to 23,000 feet, and the Thornton article never mentions the name of the oil well.

“Joe” makes no mention of any oilfield operational experience prior to the
Bodra #3 well in West Bengal, and as a flight engineer in the RAF, he surely was never called upon to employ “drilling fluids technology"! But in his own recounts, and after just 4 years (by 1986), he's done with oilfield operations - according to Mark Thornton's article, although how he squeezes all this “experience” in and beats any Houdini trick I’m aware of! But I must concede there’s a claim at least of an advisory role carried on after returning to Western Australia in 1988 but no mention as to any company name; coincidentally the same year (and in July) that saw 167 oilmen die in a conflagration of Piper Alpha, the Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Company’s oil rig in the North Sea.

But drawing upon his very own claims in his own articles lets get it right; "Joe"
Vialls tells us he accumulated just 4 years in oil. Is it therefore not reasonable to downsize Joe's oft-repeated, almost mandatory introduction, of '30 years experience in military and oilfield operations' to a realistically revised 27 years - at least?
Four years in oil and say 23 or so years in the RAF. But in considering the above, are his claims of accumulated experience at all accurate - or even possible in a single life-time? If he joined the RAF in say 1959 aged 17 yrs – and he’s left the RAF and was employed by Hughes Tool Co. by 1983 as “an expert”. That accounts for 24 years RAF service by age, say 41 years. Five years later he flees to Perth in W.A. and his photograph features in “Mind Games” in March 1990. This means "Joe", sorry Otho Vialls has by 2005 hit say about 63 years-of-age.
We are told that whilst in India on his
Bodra #3 adventure, the make-believe Otto Jewell (also employed by the Hughes Tools Co.), stayed at the Oberoi Grand Hotel in Calcutta, just as “Joe” claims he himself did. While there, so the story goes, Otto was 'zapped' by CIA agents so that Otto took on a totally hypnotically-induced mind-controlled state, then to jet-out at the controls of his Northrop to England and his appointment as an assassin from inside Enserch House, on St James Square, London. Here a problem emerges in expert “Joe’s” theory.
Now we shouldn't be surprised, when Mark Thornton writes that after Joe had effectively repaired the allegedly 'carefully sabotaged well,' in West Bengal, (before his return to England) and during the early months of 1984, he felt that he was working under immense pressure, until after returning to Calcutta and while sitting in the
Oberoi Grand's coffee shop, he claimed to have experienced "a blank period in his memory," of two hours. Thornton goes on to explain that support for Joe's theories was obtained from English psychologists Raymond Seal, and (the now deceased) Prof. Lionel Harward, although importantly the latter makes the point that Joe’s mind control claims were only ever prima facie.

Vialls Tries To Convince Author

In an attempt to garner further support for “Joe’s” prima facie claim of suffering badly from mind control, he corresponded with author Walter Bowart.

Thornton Explains that in 1989 (by which time the Vialls family were already returned to a new home in Perth), Joe discovered a Walter Bowart book entitled Operation Mind Control, and further that the narrative confirmed many of “Joe’s” theories and claims of being an unwitting victim of mind control, claims which are central to the West Australian's article, and his novel manuscript, Mike-Alpha-Delta-3.

In fact Mr Bowart contradicts Joe’s notions, real or imaginary, of a mind controlled assassin having murdered Yvonne Fletcher, when Bowart writes: “…mind control [is] not needed to make a killer,” qualifying this statement with the experience of an alleged, unnamed assassin who claims it is essential though for covert operatives to be debriefed using mind control, as while “They’d all kill, but … [without mind controlled debriefing] … they might not be able to keep the secret.”

Here Bowart has destroyed any notion that WPC Yvonne Fletcher was assassinated by a covert agent under mind control as claimed by “Joe”. Equally, when considered beside articles such as the Terrorist Factory the case can be successfully argued it is now possible to point more confidently towards the probable assassin who pulled the trigger. It’s a ploy ages old to use the plausible story line in a novel to bury a historical truth. Is this why Joe proclaimed to the world his prima facie case of mind control experience in the first instance?

If the facts exposed thus far are not concerning enough, Joe was further reported to have claimed Walter
Bowart had communicated with him and when our subject had attempted to procure a copy of the book, "Strangely … Bowart's book had sold out [and] he was not able to find any copies of it for sale." In a style I would suggest more befitting our subject, it is further claimed his psychologist "Professor Haward searched England for [the book] without success until he eventually found a copy in the library of an obscure private girls' school."
This claim is simply outrageous, as the quotation three paragraphs above, came from Nexus magazine published five years after “Joe’s” absurd interview went to print. Duncan Roads the Nexus editor makes no reference either of experiencing difficulty in obtaining a copy of
Bowart’s work, an excerpt of which entitled “Interview with an Assassin,” was published in the April-May 1995 issue of Nexus, at p.39. In the Thornton article “Joe” was reported to have mentioned an initial print run of 100,000 of Bowart’s book.

Operation Mind Control by Walter
Bowart, was first published in the USA by Dell Publishing Co Inc in January 1978, and later in Great Britain by Fontana/Collins also in that same year, but importantly eight years before Joe’s eminent therapist was forced to run a copy of the book to earth ‘in the library of an obscure private girls' school’. The dates also suggest “Joe” surely was conducting his drag-net among the vast array of bookshops in Perth – Western Australia. So what of the claimed scarcity of the book? My inquiries show that while out of print, and 27 years after its release, new copies of Operation Mind Control are still obtainable 15 years after “Joe’s” quest and not even hidden in some obscure private girl’s school either!

Coincidentally Joe mentions that Collins (of Sydney
Aust.) was the same firm who turned down his approach to have "Mike-Alpha-Delta-3" manuscript published. But another thought has come to mind; by 1989 Joe had already settled in Carine, so I find it ludicrous that we are expected to believe he was still consulting with his U.K. psychologists. Come on!

You should also be aware Joe openly brags; "many years ago I was involved with counter terrorism in the UK, and on rare occasions I liaised with the British SAS and MI5…" He went on to explain this allowed "…all units involved … have a drink together in a pub…" So when did the powers-that-be begin seconding flight engineers out of the RAF into anti-terrorist units? I wonder which ‘service’ was primary.

Mark Thornton

In Mark Thornton's article we are told, over 1983-4, in West Bengal and working for Hughes Tool Company, our subject "reversed the careful sabotage" to the oilwell, claimed to have been the work of the CIA, and saved IONGC's Bodra #3 oil well from being blown off face of the earth and the local village along with it. But can anyone explain what he means by "careful" sabotage? Our subject then goes on to claim, he worked under increasing pressure in early 1984, and in June of 1984, he returned to England on "scheduled leave".

But by 2004 and for reasons best known to Joe, he re-wrote his account of the super hero who ‘reversed the careful sabotage’ of the Bodra #3 well. Yes twenty-one years on, it would appear that saving the well, the village and its people was just a good story.

For in 2004 the story was now exclusively for West Australian consumption, as the World-Wide-Web targets a global readership. Not only does he put an entirely different twist on the outcome of the sabotage, but he also gives very different reasons for it, alleging circumstances surrounding the American CIA sabotage stating, "after bribing a handful of corrupt central government officials, US intelligence sent in professional American saboteurs, who managed to wreck the drilling project while the author was away on a visit to Sydney in Australia."- my emphasis…

No mention either of his hypnotic mind control experience.

So "Joe" is telling us now he was away from
Bodra #3 in Sydney – an earlier visit to Sydney in Australia in 1983 - but still not legitimising his use of the term “returning” to Perth. Remember his scheduled “leave” in June was still to come, so if his visit to Sydney wasn't for pleasure, it must have been for business; but what business?
In Mark Thornton’s feature article, he chooses also to suppress the circumstances under which he left the employ of Hughes Tools about June of 1984; was he summarily dismissed?

However “Joe” is reported as claiming he was soon "offered lucrative jobs," taking a position with Drilling Fluids Consultants (
DFC), of Holland. But did he remain in England, close to the North Sea oilfield served out of Aberdeen? While with DFC, and in January of 1986 - eighteen months after leaving Hughes - Joe claims to have been twice summoned to meet with his superior. On the second occasion, this involved a 'long journey to Aberdeen in Scotland'. While driving there, Vialls claims he had what Mark Thornton described as "his mysterious car accident." Psychologist Raymond Seal reportedly claimed his patient, "must have been in a hypnotic trance, when he began the manoeuvre [realising] what he was doing only after the car was already spinning out of control at 120km/h." Now we can add, 'expert defensive driver' to his resume! Yes Joe (or was it Otto?), survived and under circumstances unexplained, with a “neck brace” fitted, he resumed his journey. This raises many questions; how could the 120km/h spin been 'out of control' if the car didn't roll or crash? But for “Joe” to have required a neck brace, is suggestive of the vehicle coming to an abrupt stop – crashing. Was the neck brace supplied by a hospital visit? Doctors are not reputed to carry such aids at the surgery – again suggestive of a crash or ambulance call-out.
Vialls claims psychologist Raymond Seal was consulted first by him in 1986.

Helen Bamber - Torture Expert

We are told he then sought assistance from the Medical Foundation for the care of Torture Victims (MFCTV), a claim repeated in June 1998, in the article #FT113, entitled "The Wavies" and published by ForteanTimes. MFCTV’s patron today is none other than the comedian/actor, Michael Palin, and they would neither deny nor confirm if anyone named Joe Vialls sought and or received assistance from them in the 1980s.

However it would appear Mark Thornton had no such problem, as Joe allegedly was advised by the Foundation's then administrator Mrs Helen Bamber, that both he and his wife "had much to fear from the US," and that neither of them should work for any American company or their subsidiaries in the future. The article goes on to claim Mrs Bamber strongly advised her client to steer well clear of Disneyland, during their escape to Australia. Though it confirms “Joe” Vialls, wife Marilyn and their two children came from England via America to Perth, Australia in 1988, and intended to visit Disneyland in transit. Some years later, the Port Arthur massacre fall-guy Martin Bryant, also expressed an antipathy toward Disneyland to police you may remember. But why did Vialls family not come direct, via Singapore?

Now we should examine briefly Joe’s intense and ongoing interest in the Fletcher assassination. Joe
Vialls’ early writings on the Port Arthur massacre were obviously primarily directed towards Australian readers, and they displayed many references throughout to the shooting murder in 1984 of WPC Yvonne Fletcher in London. In fact the incident featured in the very first sentence of his first published Port Arthur article of May 1997. “Joe” continually claims the Fletcher gunman took the shots from the “heavily guarded American-Israeli building” allegedly housing his employer at the time, the Hughes Tool Company.

In one instance “Joe” repeatedly levels harsh criticism at the UK based documentary maker Dispatches and especially the published co-author Lester Coleman, but never his partner Donald Goddard; as if they dare to write contrary to the ‘gospel according to Joe’. It is possible that claims made in this particular Dispatches documentary were not entirely correct, but nevertheless, Dispatches did lay the blame for the murder of Yvonne Fletcher, right at the feet of elements of British and American intelligence. They concluded the murder of this unarmed female "Bobby" ignited a trans-Atlantic campaign to set-up Libya as the rogue Arab State for the Reagan era and far beyond.

Remember “Joe” Vialls claimed while employed by Hughes Tool Company, he’d returned home to England on 'scheduled leave' in June 1984, and further, that "shortly after" he commenced a lucrative position with DFC, based in Holland. But now "Joe" tells us he can be in two places at once - and he chooses to conceal the purpose of this visit to Sydney mentioned earlier and in a recent article attributed to Joe Vialls, he writes:

"I was directly involved with Hughes Corporation at 8 St. James Square, during the critical period 2 April 1984 to 24 January 1985."- My emphasis.

You can see by his carefully chosen words, “Joe” wants the reader to believe by inference at least, and that during this nine month period he had 'direct involvement … at 8 St James Square'. Posted with his latest updated article of in excess of 7000 words on the Fletcher case, are allegedly genuine copies of two business letters on company letterheads he uses to buttress this claim. While one letter is just legible its text is blatantly unconvincing in many respects, while the other letter is illegible – just like many photographs Joe posts in his articles, and any attempt to expand the latter destroys all clarity; a deliberate strategy?

In 1984, and prior to Joe’s scheduled leave in June, he was working under increasing pressure on the
Bodra #3 very deep oilwell in West Bengal. But in the first of these two letters he infers at least that on March 27, 1984 rather than residing in West Bengal he supposedly is in residence at the Holiday Inn, Singapore; but no room number, unit number nor a street address. Unless of course it could be considered credible to dispatch a letter from the Oberoi Grand, Calcutta giving the Holiday Inn, Singapore as your address? Conversely, while Joe has told us of his crucial supervisory role on the drilling platform using "classified" drilling fluid, in the next breath he would have us believe he could flit-off to Singapore (or Sydney) even although he’s about to return to England on “scheduled leave”? Why all the contradictions?

Joe would also have us believe the purpose of this rather odd business letter addressed to "
O.J. Vialls" (Otho Jewell Vialls) at Holiday Inn, Singapore, was in reply to a letter he'd written dated Tuesday, 27 March 1984, requesting an airline ticket from Frank T. Albert. But obviously Joe's request had been addressed to Frank's office in Singapore, not St James Square London, and to whom he claims to have been "directly involved" and responsible to!
Now the alleged author of the reply letter, dated 2 April 1984 - Frank T. Albert - is also shown as a Group Vice President of the firm's Far East Operations based in Singapore. So how was it that Joe supposedly at this time, no closer to Singapore than the
Oberoi Grand in Calcutta, had written to Frank Albert in the first instance, giving his address as c/o Holiday Inn, Singapore? Why did he not address his request to St James Square, London?
Also we are expected to believe that Frank T. Albert was unable to meet Joe as he would be "…
enroute to Australia on April 8, 1984," presumably a date Joe had suggested he would meet him to collect the air ticket – but where was he intending to meet Frank Albert? The vagaries of the letter only compounds the doubtful quality of claims our subject makes with regard to his return to England on scheduled leave in June of 1984, and for that matter his latest outrageous claims of 'direct involvement at 8 St James Square' in London from 2 April, 1984. The publishing of these letters I would opinion, only ever throws doubt upon any involvement by "Joe" in the West Bengal drilling operation in the first instance.

It is impossible for our subject to be in two places at once. It is just rubbish for him to suggest "direct" involvement with Hughes Tool Company at 8 St James Square commencing on 2 April 1984, when as is clearly stated in 1990, he was at that time in West Bengal, and not returning to England on 'scheduled leave' until June of that year! But I suppose he could blame it all upon hypnotic mind control games.

In addition to this substantial anomaly, remember that in the 1990 interview by The West Australian, Joe was clearly reported as having stated, that shortly after his return to Britain in June 1984, and from among several offers, he accepted a lucrative position with
DFC of Holland. But the above claim has him still in the employ of either Hughes Tools Company, on the 24th of January 1985, and also this date can in no way be construed as falling "shortly after" June of 1984 either!

Digressing a little here, and with the advantage of hindsight, it would be difficult not to agree that the 1998 PanAm 103 (Lockerbie) bombing was used to reinforce the public's nurtured-mindset established by the earlier 1984 murder of Yvonne Fletcher. Understandably British people’s outrage was heightened by
PanAm 103, but effectively nationals on the other side of the Atlantic who’s loved ones died in the tragedy were likewise enraged.

PanAm Flight 103, involving a Boeing 747 - “Maid of the Seas” – originating out of Heathrow bound for America which was brought down as it passed over the Scottish Borders' township of Lockerbie on December 21, 1998, killing all 259 passengers and crew, and a further 11 residents of the village, who were struck by falling wreckage.

As a further aside, from a trusted and reliable eyewitness heavily involved in that aftermath, I have learned first hand that in the first hours of the catastrophe, a quite extensive area of the crash site was quickly "sealed-off" by people dressed in noticeably look-alike apparel who all displayed 'unmistakable, American accents'. Unless you had a ‘green pass’ I was told, these people simply refused your passage, even when the necessary ID of a senior rescue service person was produced.

In January 2000, Joe posted an article entitled, "“Setting Up” Libya for the Lockerbie Bombing". But I cannot find evidence to support any position that would suggest a controversy having arisen among the mainstream media as a result of any claim attributable to Joe published previous to his January 2000 article. With regard to Lockerbie however, unlike the his article covering the multiple shootings massacres of Columbine (USA), and especially the Erfurt shooting massacre (Germany), and Bali bombing (Indonesia) where Joe's exclusive articles were posted on the Web within hours of the event, it took him almost 2 years to post the January 2000 article on this much politicised aeroplane bombing.

In his
PanAm Flight 103 article and amongst his now expected disparaging remarks directed toward the key whistleblower Lester Coleman, Joe makes this claim: “Not one of the personnel I have so far contacted at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, remembers liaising with or receiving intelligence from, Lester Coleman…” Please consider this: “How is it, that Otho Jewell a.k.a. Joe Vialls, ex-serviceman disability pensioner, strapped for cash, former RAF flight engineer, living all the way down under in Carine, Perth, Western Australia, has such renown, such globally distributed friends in key positions in the intelligence community, so that when he calls-up Fort Bragg (USA), he easily penetrates security and asks the right person such sensitive questions?”

Lester Coleman, I should point out, was an agent of the
Defence Intelligence Agency or DIA. The DIA has been described as 'the most discrete intelligence agency in the world'. I also understand the DIA employs a reputed 57,000 people, on a budget five times that of the CIA and it doesn’t operate out of Fort Bragg either.

The DIA supposedly is based in two centres; Arlington Hall in Virginia, and Bolling Airforce Base, near Washington, D.C. Now, intelligence organisations reputedly have an ongoing jealous rivalry, which is the root cause of occasional faux pas. Deliberately addressing this fact, the DIA reputably chooses not to fraternise at all with any outside intelligence people; not even the CIA. So I would confidently suggest the DIA would not talk with people in Fort Bragg either. Why did Joe bother to make inquires there, unless perhaps he foreknew the answer and that answer was helpful to a story he was attempting to reinforce.

In his now familiar style of story telling, Joe has again sown subtle seeds of doubt and irrelevancies into the minds of his readers on the subject of Lockerbie by simply casting equally subtle aspersions upon a key whistleblower and his prime target - Lester Coleman - so as to promote his own cosseted conclusions. In doing so it raises this question: “If Joe Vialls is correct in his conclusions about PanAm 103, then why was this key whistleblower Lester Coleman set-up by his former employers the DIA, involving a DIA/FBI (not the CIA note), engineered “sting”, had him arrested, charged, convicted and gaoled for committing a single fraud because he'd obeyed to the letter his controller’s instructions to apply for a passport in an assumed name?” Coleman was immediately gaoled.

Coleman’s imprisonment is difficult to fathom until one realises he was about to travel to Holland and present his testimony on the PanAm 103 bombing under oath and before the Scottish Court established at Kamp Zeist Airbase, in Holland, where two Libyans stood accused of the bombing. Mr Coleman occupies a cold American gaol cell; at no time has Joe suggested any willingness to tell his story under oath before a court of law in the public interest … and Otho Jewell a.k.a. “Joe” Vialls still resides – free - in Western Australia.

As the Lockerbie
PanAm Flight 103 is far beyond the scope of this work, I’d strongly suggest the reader consider the many Internet articles on this subject, though don’t be surprised not to find Joe's theories in relation to it hardly are picked-up-on by any of the authors.

With regard to the Port Arthur massacre, many people wrongly believe Joe
Vialls was the first author to be published; he was not the first. Vialls' initial article appeared in the May 1997 issue of The Strategy, some six months after several articles and Suddenly One Sunday by Mike Bingham, were published.
In the numerous articles attributed to "Joe" and in correspondence over his distinctive signature he proclaims his expertise in a vast array of fields. Though not in a single article does he produce convincing, corroborative evidence in support these claims, apart from a fictional story based on fact and a duplicate interview with a media he openly spurns. So it is not surprising that a reader recently suggested, "To read Joe
Vialls is to confront an intellectual tsunami! The question emerges - are you enlightened or infected...?"
With regard to his references to the intelligence entities, the familiar manner Joe uses to describe almost inconsequential domestic issues among the major bodies and the Israeli body in particular, are suggestive of intimate, or even a first-hand experience.

His written work has attracted a variety of criticism from an array of writers and readers ranging from "brilliant" to "speculative", "fawning and fatuous". But I would opinion his writings are suggestive of person who cannot take betrayal lying down. Understandable, when you consider the diverse descriptive profile in the mass of articles attributed to him Joe is variously described as:

1. a former RAF Wessex helicopter flight engineer,
2. a military marksman, who’s been shot and wounded twice,
3. formerly an RAF ground staff,
4. Oil-pollution spokesman for the Democrats (a political party of
5. an ex-British private security expert,
6. a veteran British military analyst,
7. an aeronautical engineer,
8. former member of the Society of Licensed Aeronautical Engineers (London),
9. has held a high level security clearance with NATO,
10. a former member of the NATO armed forces,
11. GM of (Perth Based)
HMR Engine Co Pty Ltd (1990),
12. Perth based specialist in drilling fluids technology,
Carine based business consultant,
14. an Australian-based freelance journalist with over 30 years direct experience in international military and oilfield operations,
15. a former petroleum engineer,
16. Internet journalist and former (?) MI6 agent,
17. an Australian journalist and military authority,
18. a former combat veteran living on a miniscule disability pension,
19. an expatriate US military analyst based in Australia, and even
20. Joe
Vialls, the Australia-based Media Disinformation investigator…

With regard to his membership of the “Society of Licensed Aeronautical Engineers – London,” and after considerable research and inquiry I cannot locate any documentation confirming that this
organisation has ever existed. Also, to this rather impressive profile I'm compelled to note one glaring omission of the one profession he demonstrates clearly to have been schooled in; the craft of journalism.

In a letter Joe writes of having to 'push every button available' and call-in 'a few favours from some heavy friends' so Australia's federal Bureau of Criminal Intelligence (BCI), would reverse a decision impacting adversely upon a family member. In this instance he also bragged of ticking-off other high placed friends in ASIO. But how in a recently adopted country, could such friendships have been nurtured by associations in any of his former vocations of oil-drilling and/or RAF service? Oh … I forgot; perhaps from his drinking companions in London.

But a host of inconsistencies are to come. In a letter (dated 1998), to this author, and promoting himself as almost IT illiterate, he wrote; "Circulate [this letter] far and wide, and lobby for something called a “flatbed scanner” and software called “Aldos Photoshop” etc…" It left the distinct impression that the operation of a PC for Joe was a fresh experience. But his clever inference in this instance is nothing more than a deliberate deception.
For on page one of
TWA "Mind Games" article (31.3.90), is featured a large photograph (see above) of the person advised to flee to Australia and keep his head down, with a caption that reads: – "Joe Vialls: unwitting victim of hypnotic trance". I would point out that the subject is seated, hands on the keyboard of a lay-down tower, 486 PC with its now dated 5¼" floppy drive, a 15" monitor sitting on top, and a printer to the right. In March of 1990, the 486 PC was surely the very latest PC in Australia and available just months earlier…

So Joe surely could not still be a novice with computers 8 years on, when he wrote in a manner suggestive of a lack of IT knowledge? Oh, and this photo wasn't captured in any office of the West Australian newspaper either, for hanging on the wall you will note behind his PC is a photograph of what appears to be a large American-form off-shore oil platform, but why not a photo of
Bodra #3 derrick in West Bengal, such as he posted in his August 25th 2004 article?

From at least 1997, Joe has claimed repeatedly to be of limited means, which in itself carries no shame. But self promotion as a former combat veteran living on a miniscule disability pension and on “zero cash” and begging alms is something else; especially when from the outset in Australia at least the process included promises never kept. Is it credible to present as a lone investigator, single-handedly operating an extensive internet operation, the logistics of which alone far outstrip the image deliberately projected by him of a cash-strapped IT illiterate with a canny finger on the pulse of global intelligence and multinational intrigue from every corner of the world? Am I being to unkind using the term global beggar?

Recent articles have an eye-catching active “link” (below left) to a dedicated "donation page" at the bottom of which he laments his diminishing circumstances. In recent times “Joe”
Vialls has complained the “paid service charged to [his] credit card” - home page - was abruptly shut-down and two days later, he was “suddenly banned by PayPal”. Along with this ban, he claims donations from Americans all went west without explanation; the degree of Joe’s expressed indignation would seem to suggest his loss was not insignificant. I wonder if formerly his average monthly take from this exercise ever affected receipt of his disability pension.

Did these international donors constitute the "anonymous sponsorship" he referred to over the past four or five years, which financed subsequent print runs of his Deadly Deception at Port Arthur that have gone on sale? For in Australia as I understand his promises, donations were being accrued to finance and launch a court action that would overturn Martin Bryant’s conviction for the murders at Port Arthur in 1996 and see him freed and or a Royal Commission.
So it very appropriate to ask
Mr Vialls, what the total amount of donation monies is presently held to run this action on behalf of the people of Australia in relation to the matter. Also when is the action in the case of Martin Bryant v the Crown, slated to precede Mr Vialls?

Also imbedded in the appeals for monies in Australia at least, there have been claims that donations will also enable him to proceed with his “ongoing investigation"; now while the Bryant retrial seems to have slipped from his agenda. Or have I missed “Joe” publishing any credible or new evidence in the past seven years or so on the Port Arthur massacre?

While we are on “money” I would also suggest few people are aware of just how Joe’s first booklet on Port Arthur was published. The narrative and photos were compiled from his articles published earlier by The Strategy. The layout, printing and distribution in September 1997 was carried out by
Mr Eddie Novak who was himself then definitely of limited means and confined to a wheelchair.

This little red-covered book was entitled, Port Arthur - The Mysteries of the Massacre. Published in 1997, the 39-page A5 publication was distributed privately by Eddie Novak of
Carrajung, Victoria, with the text and photos drawn from The Strategy newspaper’s presentation, by permission. I wonder if Eddie Novak ever recouped his costs.

In the latter half of 1999 “Joe”
Vialls began distributing an A5 ‘perfect-bound’ paperback entitled, Deadly Deception at Port Arthur, the 2nd print of which contained 104 pages. Later the third print appeared with 4 pages of a different set-out added. During those early days of his association with The Strategy, came regular advertisements with a late edition sporting an editorial advice to readers that the little blue book was "recommended reading"; but the publication is now long past the 3rd print run. Since as early as 1999, an "anonymous sponsorship" has assisted in defraying printing cost to such an extent so as to enable him sell his books for just $10 posted.

I have been sent hard evidence of several significant donations that have been made directly to Joe by private, senior citizens. In two cases I'm aware of he allegedly suggested by inference that these donations would be put towards a retrial of Martin Bryant or a Royal Commission into the Port Arthur massacre. After all, Joe claims to have “large tracts of sensitive and classified information [that is] computer cross-referenced to equally classified scientific data,” which he says will only table before a legal forum he chooses not to detail. After six or seven years to consider such promises, I can forgive the donors from suggesting a whiff of fraud here.

I’m aware of at least three separate occasions on which Joe was invited by sponsors, who offered to fly him from Perth to Launceston (Tas.) and Inverell (NSW), so as he could deliver his hard scientific backed synopsis on Port Arthur massacre publicly, and have a chance to debate the subject with one of our number. But Joe Vialls refused point blank; and his lame excuses? He’s a heavy smoker, unable to endure a few hours of in-flight no smoking, but in an unguarded moment the claimed former flight engineer blurted out that he ‘hated flying’. A quaint statement when one is made aware that he did make the claim that he was the pilot who flew Ian Smith out during the Rhodesian emergency all those years ago…

Now to a recent episode that requires some explanation, as it unfolded in the board rooms, banks and stock exchanges of Australia, bearing in mind
Otho Jewell a.k.a. “Joe” Vialls, told us he “returned” to Australia in 1989 and 9 years on feigns to this author his novus status as regards operating a PC, even although Newspapers and journalists in particular were among the first to turn to the PC word processor.
Prior to 1990, West Australian Newspapers Ltd (WAN) published the only metropolitan morning newspaper in Perth, The West Australian, in addition to several regional newspapers.
Community Newspapers published a number of free suburban newspapers in
W.A. as well as holding all of the issued shares in Daily News Pty Ltd, publisher of Perth's only evening newspaper, the troubled Daily News.
Late in 1989 – the after
Otho Jewell a.k.a. “Joe” Vialls, had returned to Perth - WAN expressed an interest in purchasing all issued shares of United Media, which meant if successful, they would effectively wholly own, and control the Daily News, which historically had been returned hefty losses to its shareholders.
On Christmas Eve, December 1989, the Trade Practices Commission (
TPC) was informed by liquidator Ross Norgard, a principle of the accounting firm Aurther Andersen & Co, that the Daily News Pty Ltd’s masthead and library had been sold to HMR Engine Co Pty Ltd, who intended to relaunch the newspaper, in a slimmed-down operation by March 1991.
HMR Engine Co Pty Ltd was reported as a "Perth based company" listed on the "second board" of the Hobart (Tasmania) stock exchange. A business consultant was reportedly preparing a business plan for the stockholders of HMR Engine.

Now for a surprise; this "
Carine consultant" was also managing director of HMR Engine Pty Ltd, and reported as none other than Joe Vialls (not Otho Jewell Vialls) and in the midst of all this company turmoil, curiously, HMR’s managing director was accorded wide exposure in The West Australian’s lead feature article “MIND GAMES,” as a man who “would be extremely susceptible to clandestine hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions of the kinds he has described.”

Vialls was given a pass by Jewish writers

Michael Danby

A Jewish politician, and writer, who wrote about Ben-Menashe and Joe Vialls, but never seemed to connect the two. Vialls accused Israel of everything from assassinations to Lockerbie, but the Jewish press never said boo about him.

The Daily News had run up overwhelming debts of A$18m, and the electronic media (TV) was squeezing evening newspapers to death - world wide; WAN knew the paper was beyond rescue but its collapse had a curious twist; WAN held a stacked hand and didn't want any part of any evening newspaper.
It would surely be ludicrous to suggest the likes of West Australian Newspapers would bother involving themselves in any scheme or intrigue to bolster share prices in an obscure, and failing engine technology company, by financing its new CEO, and a "dummy" bid of $350,000 for the masthead and library of a newspaper that would if the bid was successful make the Daily News in reality a reborn "opposition". I don’t believe they did so.
But other questions do hang heavy in the air, like: “How on earth was Joe
Vialls with his claimed former oil drilling fluids technology expertise, expected to prepare a "feasibility report" for a failed newspaper's revival that would convince investors he could stage a rescue of a failing newspaper without a strong background in either journalism, newspapers, publishing or all three professions?”

Unless of course, his propulsion into global Web-journalism, evidences a former craft his modesty has influenced him concealing.

Covert intelligence agents and propaganda gurus with obligations to foreign nations I'm sure don't usually sit about on street corners feeding the pigeons. It stands to reason such people actually have to adopt at least partially overt livelihoods, as a shelter for their covert function. It is well recorded through history that the craft of "journalism" has been used by governments from time to time as a cover for their agent provocateurs. I’m reminded of an article by Len Boselovic [Post-Gazette - 28feb03] that tells us George Soros and his Open Society Institute distribute no less than US$500m annually, to promote his global agenda of a new order; I wonder if the odd amateur Internet-scribe benefits from such philanthropy?

So I ask you to consider anther twist in this story: as controversy mounted and the debate
hotted-up concerning the 9/11 attack in 2001 on the Pentagon in Washington, among the host of Internet postings on the subject there was one article that really caught my eye. The article was dated 31.7.03, and its authorship was attributed to Dick Eastman. Dick Eastman is accredited on various sites as being a 'newsgroup activist and economist,' giving his address as; 223S, 64th Ave. Kakima, Washington, 98908 – (USA).

But in the midst of Eastman's 2003 article Dick makes this bold statement: "Internet journalist and former (?) MI6 agent Joe Vialls says he found this on a video cassette…etc"- end quote.
In August 2003, “GS” e-mailed query, with the subject line “MI6”, asking Joe
Vialls just one question; “Would you mind telling me of your association past or present as an agent of MI6?” A naïve approach in any estimation as no agent either past or presently serving, would dare answer in the positive. “Joe” responded “On an equally ridiculous note, would you mind telling me of your association past or present as an agent of the Mossad?”
Only by at time of writing this lone e-mail query had evolved within the text of a letter, into allegations that suggested the original e-mail query was made by a ‘ten a penny… agent provocateur’ (Andrew
MacGregor) having posted on the Internet a “link” supposedly having been forwarded out of concern to our 'lone investigator' Joe. However for the many thousands who by now have listened intently to Andrew MacGregor’s public presentations on Port Arthur’s massacre (and I’ve heard about 8 of them), and considered his explanations and conclusions to all that surrounds this appalling event, I would simply ask Otho Vialls: “Why do you choose to hold-up in Carine begging alms, and NEVER present your theories to any of public, face to face, as Andrew MacGregor has done in 5 States of Australia?”

“Joe” uses inappropriate and defamatory language directed toward various parties including this author, and goes on the state, “Put simply there is no such entity as MI6 outside of Hollywood, and no British source would dream of using such a meaningless "James Bond" term.” He also clearly reaffirms his knowledge on the subject by writing the entity is actually, “the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), which works the south bank of the Thames, [and] is generally considered subordinate to the CIA and the
In this instance “Joe” has shown himself to be classing the intelligence community, and simultaneously, inferring his placement not among certain lower class families in the intelligence community! In his writings, Joe (quite rightly) expresses contempt for the people involved in the assassination of Yvonne Fletcher. But in the post-hypnotic-blocked mind it’s entirely understandable that some latent desire is manifest to ensure we’re drawn away from MI6 and the CIA as ever being his “bride”, so I guess that leaves the "
Mossies" conspicuously at the top of the heap.
Interestingly though in the same document Joe assures his correspondent, quote: "But none of us would
socialise with “those SIS crazies″ on the South Bank at all."
So we can take it that Joe is sharing here his vast “experience” (or is it expertise) in matters concerning the real “spooks” as he attempts to distance himself from MI6. You see Joe's position of “no such entity as MI6” is deceptive at best, for in a letter dated 23.05.1998, he writes: “MI6 got caught with their hands in a Swiss till pulling that stunt back in nineteen sixty-something, and so far as I know have not been stupid enough to repeat the exercise since then.”
As late as 7.3.2004, the copyrighted date on another of his published articles Joe is of two minds when the text reads:
“Members of the SIS (MI6) at the Foreign Office were demonstrably certain that Yvonne Fletcher was not killed by Libyans located in the Embassy…”
Let me make it crystal clear: the law courts of Britain confirm the existence of MI6. On 12th April 1999, “Richard J. C. Tomlinson a former MI6 officer” who’d been stationed in Geneva, Switzerland, made a sworn statement which he used before a English Court in an action associated with the case of the death of the Princess of Wales on a Paris street.
A quick search and you can confirm for yourself, MI6 today operates under a new act of the British Parliament called The Intelligence Services Act 1994, which defines MI6's role among other things, as ‘providing information relating to the actions or intentions of persons outside the British Islands ... [in relation to] the interests of national security, with particular reference to
defence and foreign policies’… etc.
This is the same MI6 that has been roundly
criticised recently along with Tony Blair and the serving Ministers of Her Majesty’s Government by former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, as a result of their indefensible implication as closet-accessories to American sponsored gross, and on-going torture in Uzbek prisons, when he said; “You won’t find MI6 in any country where you can’t buy a ‘Cappuccino’.”
Whether you choose to refer to Britain’s international intelligence agency as MI6 or SIS is in the long run academic, but for Joe
Vialls to argue contrary positions regarding the entity’s existence or non-existence to promote his own agenda – what ever that may be - must surely in the minds of sane people demolish any shred of credibility he ever accumulated regarding his version of events at Port Arthur in April of 1996. But with regard to the entity commonly referred to as MI6 Joe insists “no British source would dream of using such a meaningless ‘James Bond’ term.”
From my school days I learned the primary skill employed by cheats is the “display”, and it surely hasn't changed; that artful ability to project with confidence a story that holds a target’s interest despite the substance of the claims contained in a story being lies. For the “con” to succeed, the fraudster requires a sound knowledge of human nature; often people accept a false claim at face value, as they don’t bother to check the source, or do the math themselves. A recent article was posted at http:// bearing the provocative title: “French Claim About Pentagon Jet is a Sick Joke – Captain Charles Burlingame’s widow is unlikely to appreciate the humor,” and the author was "Joe Vialls, March 2002" and is a case in point.

Vialls - An Expert In His Own Mind

Joe proclaims his expertise in physics, and ballistics, yet exhibits ignorance in both areas. Bearing in mind a considerable amount of key evidence in the Port Arthur massacre case involved firearms used to murder 33 of 35 people, and wound (all) 21 others. You can appreciate ballistics playing a critical role in making a report of substance in this instance. For the reader to understand how irrelevant the writings of Joe Vialls are with regard to this case, carefully consider the following two examples of his competency in those areas of physics.
Case one is drawn from the text of a letter over the signature of “Joe” dated 11 October 1997, in which he is explaining to a correspondent and eyewitness to the massacre, the dynamics of sound, in this instance a gunshot. In this example he's referring to the gunshots inside the Cafe, heard by many witnesses, many of whom at the time were outside and adjacent to the Broad Arrow Café, and referred to by them as "thuds". In an attempt to explain how these witnesses had mistakenly heard many more gunshots that the 29 shots central to the hypothesis promoted as fact, both by “Joe”
Vialls and the Prosecutor Mr Damien Bugg QC, our physics master Joe segregates these thuds into "sound pressure waves" and "muzzle blasts" – effectively attempting to halve the number of discharges, in a sneaky attempt to convince the witness she’d been fooled by "physics". But you see Joe only fooled himself, when he wrote, quote:

"The Mach 3 wave is so awesome that special forces would never normally fire such a weapon [as an AR-15, ∙223Rem] in an enclosed area on account of the pressure wave's known ability to cause injury."- My emphasis
Otho, but the speed of sound at sea level (as is the case at Port Arthur) at 15 degrees Celsius, (approximately the temperature on that day), is 1225K/Hr (761 M.P.H.) or 340m/sec. To put it simply, it is simply impossible to propel - even an “awesome” sound – and even using the theories of physics according to “Joe” at three times the speed of sound itself - “Mach 3”.

In a shameful, patronising attempt to deceive a badly traumatised witness, Joe has succeeded in ignoring the keystone of physics law in relation to the speed of sound; effectively, he claims to have discovered how to propel sound at 3 times the speed the laws of physics dictate as possible!

Case two is Joe Vialls’ article entitled, “French Claim About Pentagon Jet is a Sick Joke etc.”, in which the author states in part, quote:
“…we are about to take a short though very simple crash course in the dynamics of flight. Not for us the overly complicated scientific equations and accredited "experts" who manage to confuse everyone apart from their own students,”- end quote.

Clearly Joe
Vialls is consistent; propaganda requires him to ignore long established and proven laws of physics, to preach the gospel of physics according to “Joe”, just as he does in the book, Deadly Deception at Port Arthur – and so there is indeed in the book there is deadly deception - from cover to cover. But consider a raw sample of his grasp of the laws of physics, in this case, when he states, quote:
“In the simplest terms … the energy produced by any object hitting another object, is the product of the first object’s mass [weight] multiplied by its velocity [speed].”- end quote.
This statement by Joe is yet again simply a falsity, though it demonstrates an entire ignorance of the primary laws of physics. Two points before we proceed:
Joe has confused "weight" and "mass" as being one and the same in this equation; simply Joe, weight is not mass; weight is the effect of
gravitative force on an object as expressed by a unit of measure, while “mass is the quantity of matter in a body.” - Websters Dictionary, 1899, p.899.

Joe's simple formula is simply wrong! Let us consult the standard reference book still used by ballisticians, gunsmiths, historians and the like today in America, bearing in mind, this formula works for
aeroplanes, rockets just as it does for any other projectile or bullet. So to the problem as is explained in Hatcher’s Notebook, by Julian S. Hatcher Maj

Gen US Army Rtd. at page 588, quote:
“Given the velocity of a bullet at any point, and the bullet weight in grains, to find the energy of the bullet in foot-pounds at that point.

“Formula: Energy in foot-pounds where w is the bullet weight in pounds and g is the value of acceleration of gravity, 32.16 f.s. per second.

“As there are 7,000 grains in a pound avoirdupois, the bullet weight in grains must be divided by 7,000 to bring it to pounds, and must also be divided by gravity to bring it to mass instead of weight.

“The formula thus becomes And, as 2 x 32.16 x 7,000 =450,240, the formula simplifies down to bullet weight in grains times velocity squared divided by 450,240 or simplified
“If multiplication instead of division is preferred, it will be found that 1 divided by 450,240 = 0.000002221, so in this case the formula becomes, Energy into foot-pounds = 0.000002221 wv2.”
“Joe” projects himself as an intellectual whiz kid but uses flippant, meaningless "duck speak" to continually pad his writings, but here Joe has been really caught out. The falsities introduced into the crash of Flight 1862, which floundered into the 12 story apartment block in the Amsterdam suburb of
Bijlmer in October 1992, and employing his false conclusions to support a hypothesis regarding the 9/11 incident at the Pentagon 9 years and 4 months later, has achieved for him at least three interesting outcomes:
1. Used as “padding” in his 9/11 Pentagon “investigation” his grasp of physics exposed by his writing on the 1992
Bijlmer crash has destroyed any credibility he ever accrued among his readership regarding matters in which physics are involved, and
2. he has by these conclusions destroyed all of his credibility ever accrued in the minds of Australians, as to his conclusions made on any of the matters with regard to the Port Arthur massacre investigation, also involving ballistics and or physics.
But it was an article published in Issue 113 of the
ForteanTimes, a UK published periodical promoted as dealing with the 'World of Strange Phenomena'. Accessible at time of writing at: the article really should cause any thinking person's alarm bells to jangle:
"In a statement to Lobster editor Robyn Ramsay,
Vialls now believes he was programmed to kill WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan People's Bureau in London, 1984.

"According to Ramsay, Vialls says he fired on the policewoman from the office of the Hughes Tool Company, a firm long linked to the CIA."

The above position you will note is suggesting it was "Vialls" himself who did the deed, and most definitely the author here was not attributing this act to his alter ego “Otto Jewell” from out of his novel transcript of “Mike-Alpha-Delta-3", posted as “The Terrorist Factory.” Such a revelation may just cause most rational people a heightened concern as to an apparent evaporating credibility.
Lobster, edited by Robin Ramsay, is promoted as "the Journal of
parapolitics" – ('umbrella' politics?), and a recent search of their archives yielded five hits on "Joe Vialls":
 two dealing with the Fletcher murder (Issues 29 & 30 -1995),
 one debating the pros and cons of Nexus and Open Eye, both of which have promoted the views of Joe
Vialls (also Issue 30 – 1995),
 another containing an allegedly 'speculative' article by the 'former petroleum engineer' (Issue 27 – 1994), and
 yet one on mysterious deaths of 25 British scientists, (Issue 28 - 1994).
The latter, rakes over the same issues Joe
Vialls raised four years earlier during Mark Thornton’s "Mind Games" interview published by the West Australian in 1990.
Shamir is a widely posted Internet author, and recently he made some interesting observations concerning some Internet writers, all of whom he contends are possibly working to the same agenda. Bearing in mind Israel Shamir's roots, I would ask you to carefully consider the ethnicity of those whom he considers he's exposed as frauds, when he writes: "In my view, there is no difference between Barry Chamish and Henry Makow on one side and David Icke and Gordon Thomas and Joe Vialis, on the other side - all of them are fantasy writers inventing Illuminatis, Grey Aliens and Israeli agents conquering America." Could we not include Australia in Israel Shamir's equation here? For he goes on to write: "Theoretically, Icke and Viallis are 'on our side', but as a matter of fact, their vision of the world is so far from reality that it can cause similar effect to the one described by Rowan. People who are excited by Vialis often send me Chamish, too. As for me, I have no interest in them all, Jews or anti-Jews." Now this assessment may shock some, but Israel Shamir wrote it, and I believe the reader should have a chance to consider his opinion. Another long-time author of the Web, Dave McGowan, in a recent e-mail circulated Newsletter, describes our subject Joe as “an easily-discredited disinformation-peddler.” So indeed; “Who is Joe Vialls?”


Perth (Australia) is conveniently isolated; distance and the outback void over the Nullarbor Plain, separate Perth from the major national populations of the eastern states. It’s logical that with our subject residing in Perth, the situation could be likened to a boxer having a reach advantage; he can stay there jabbing at his opponents while existing for the term of the fight – just out of reach.

Using the alias of “Joe” Vialls, Otho Jewell Vialls has unquestionably been the leading, regular feature writer for a “one colour” alternate, monthly newspaper in Australia - The Strategy - from May issue of 1997, on through to the most recent issues I have seen. He’s maintained his position with the newspaper in spite of it being demonstrated to the paper’s editor why his synopsis of events at Port Arthur in April of 1996 are a mixture of some facts padded with distortion and error, or as one observer commented to me recently, with a liberal helping of "baking soda" to ensure the story "rises" so as to titillate the undiscerning among his readership. In The Strategy newspaper “Joe” received staunch support for years from a fellow columnist, Jonathon Graham in his regular column “Phoenix Rising”, no longer published.

Tony Pitt

Joe also received unwavering support from as early as 17 April 1997 in promoting his flawed synopsis of Port Arthur massacre by a former RAAF WO (Tech), Mr Tony Pitt of Maryborough in Queensland. Beginning around 1989 Mr Pitt (like Ray Platt of The Strategy), began publishing a one colour periodical newspaper, a project which he's continued up to the present under various banners, all of which proclaim them as among freedom’s little helpers, though in recent years Mr Pitt has changed the format to include some colour.

But apart from him motoring across to Perth and meetings with Joe, a close association between them is very evident at time of writing at; Joe wrote the article and Tony Pitt published it. But you should note not published on Pitt’s own web site or in his newspaper, and remember like Ray Platt, editor of The Strategy, Tony Pitt is quite reluctant to publish any articles about Port Arthur, which expose documented, provable, evidence, contrary to those promoted by Joe Vialls.

So is our subject really Otho Jewell Vialls? Well I believe I have been able to establish a family line that supports the probable existence of an Otho Jewell Vialls who in all probability is indeed the subject of this unauthorised biography. However as to authenticating any of the multitude of claims as to the subject’s former RAF service as to being a flight engineer, a former member of NATO armed forces, marksman, and or specialist in drilling fluids technology in West Bengal - while in the employ of Hughes Tool Company - I’m have not been able to categorically confirm any of those claims.

Joe claimed that he and his family “returned” to Perth having up and left their home on the other side of the globe in merry old England. He further claims that all his assets were “frozen” in the U.K., but by whom, and for what reason he chooses not to say. His sea change to Perth was supposedly forced upon him so as to escape an inferred threat from the CIA. Within months of arrival Joe was hired for his expertise – not in invert drilling fluid technology, or RAF engineering expertise – but expertise in managerial, consultancy, (and experience?) in newspaper publishing?

Who would deny Joe exhibits an extraordinary ability to produce repeated, extensive articles of many thousands of words, and far and above other journalists on the Web, “Joe Vialls” alone has all the trappings in those articles, much of which global news services never get to publish; diagrams, detailed maps, photographs etc. But Joe does the research, writing, layout and publishes, all on his lonesome. Does he work alone – well he tells us he does, and emphasises the point by begging for donations. Does he really suffer some physical disability resulting from RAF service? Or was it counter terrorism? It seems logical though, that when those of the covert intelligence services reach their used-by-date, their chief would make some sort of “pension” arrangement surely?

John Kaminski the prolific and thought provoking Internet commentator recently wrote: "Searching for the truth is ugly, frightening and dangerous — and the only worthwhile choice."-
So if I should meet with a seemingly coincidental "accident" in the coming weeks, I trust a friend will forward chapter 2 along for publication. You see, in the eyes of Joe I’m the one whose name he cannot even spell, and proudly I number among “the gang of three,” that person “in tow” as “Joe” puts it so cleverly, and he who has accompanied the “ten a penny” former Victoria policeman, and “agent provocateur… MacGregor...” and Mrs Scurr on public speaking tours around the nation. Yes, even Port Arthur survivor Mrs Scurr doesn't escape his vitriolic, offensive labelling. Though there is a class of mankind I find more disgusting than the covert assassin mentioned in this work; they're the ones who are past it, the ones who've been put out to pasture, and while still collecting their blood-money, they beg for alms from a community among whom their masters once selected the targets.

In the final analysis, mind games, the thread that weaves throughout this narrative from beginning to end have been used to bend the core beliefs of nations of people since time immemorial. Variations of these mind games which produce a form of personal slave-like-control have been shown by various reports as the subject of experimentation, development, and deployment, by the covert arm of governments of major and minor powers for many years. These covert entities serving a hidden hand of a “government” not elected by the people, have I believe deployed the Reesian theory of War at will among our nations’ citizens (and abroad), at least since the early quarter of the twentieth century. But surely by now, you have come to realise the mind games in this narrative have until now been played upon you. I hope and pray this work has gone some way to right the balance.

But could we hope that Otho, a.k.a. “Joe” would revisit the free advice line, as he did to another Australian correspondent back in 1997? In that instance he made the remarkable advisory connection to another man of mystery who like our subject also expressed a desire to reside beside ‘the most beautiful harbour in the world’, of Sydney Australia, when he recommended accepting the counsel of Ari Ben-Menashe*. Joe wrote, “Before you probe any further, minimum defensive equipment should include a sawn-off M60 in a very large shoulder holster. Ari Ben Menashe might be able to direct you to the cheapest arms bazaar.” I’m reminded of that age-old proverb which goes, "many a true word is spoken in jest". - (*Profits of War, Allen & Unwin -1992.)

Again quoting Kaminski who recently wrote: "Love is contagious, you know. And the revolution for a decent world begins in your own heart." And I wholeheartedly agree John; so what gene is it in the hearts of some among us that has them blurring the facts at every twist and turn, and in the case of Port Arthur, 9/11 and such like events of mass trauma, for we ordinary folk and survivors alike, these people network to promote crass, in-your-face distortions, while out of their Internet reader’s gaze, they make constant, malicious attacks upon those who have for 20 years or more been struggling against the tide, to make this world a little more decent? Such people challenge the charge; to love thy
neighbour as thy self, don’t they? A friend recently quipped, “The definition of paranoid is to be fully informed”, and while I’m not so brave to be without out a deal of concern at what may be a spin-off from my research and writing, I’d rather be fearful and right, than fearless, very wrong and so scarred as to keep my findings closeted. RIP “Joe”.

“Such is life.” – Ned Kelly,
Aust. 1855-1880
"Declare ye among the nations … publish and set up a standard; publish and conceal not."
Jer 50:2
Stewart Beattie is a former gunsmith and firearms dealer from the New South Wales rural city of
Wagga Wagga, who was forced from his business due to ill health in 1991, after constantly and publicly battling repressive gun law changes beginning in 1984. After the crushing defeat of the incumbent ALP State Government lead by Barry Unsworth in 1988, in what he described was a "gun referendum", it only took the incoming Greiner (Liberal) government two and a half years to introduce similar repressive gun laws, and so Beattie sold-up.

In the wake of the Port Arthur (Tasmania) massacre, on 28 April 1996, even the despotic Greiner gun laws were scrapped, when in May 1997 new legislation was enacted with extraordinarily draconian firearm prohibitions and confiscations, which the governments called a "buy-back"! Like all Australians, this spelt the end to the author's past time of hunting game as well as target shooting and collecting as he’d grown up with; gun ownership for self
defence even deemed a felony attracting a 15 gaol sentence.

The author severed his connections with all the shooting/firearm owning
organisations and refuses to hold a firearm licence under laws he holds are unconstitutional.

In 1998, he joined with the former Victorian Policeman,
Mr Andrew MacGregor and together they investigated the terrorist attack at Port Arthur, which has been covered up and protected by all levels of governments in Australia. Although of limited means, he has doggedly pursued the investigation, writing, and public speaking on the Port Arthur massacre, in support of Andrew, and Mrs Wendy Scurr - a survivor of the massacre - in spite of not inconsequential opposition by covert agencies from time to time, as the whistleblowers have moved about the Eastern states addressing public meetings from Cairns in the north, to Hobart in the South.

Soon after beginning the joint investigation with Andrew, and when closely examining commercial video of the case, they discovered a gunshot on a police audio tape that has been described by a barrister at law as, 'objective fact of a Conspiracy in the massacre at Port Arthur.' The shot proves other person/persons were inside the Seascape cottage at the time fall-guy Martin Bryant is heard speaking on a portable telephone to the police negotiator, and according to the Court Transcript of his sentencing hearing, Martin Bryant was 61 km from Seascape Cottage when he was convicted of murdering David Martin there.

In 1999 after 4 years of research and writing, he published and distributed the family history work, The Odd Good Year, and in 2002, he published two print runs of A Gunsmith's Notebook on Port Arthur.

But like so many in the wake of the Port Arthur
psychopolitical massacre, he has been politically disenfranchised for speaking out to expose the extensive cover-up of the massacre.

Gun Control Lobby

The Amazing Rebecca Peters

Peters, a 42 yr old lawyer, has lead the charge on gun control. She heads up the National Coalition for Gun Control based in Sydney. She appears to be another 'Johnny on the Spot' like Joe Vialls. Bankrolled by George Soros.

NCGC even has Hobart Branch

National Coalition for Gun Control based in Sydney had an important branch in Hobart, Tasmania, headed up there by lawyer Roland Browne. His group was meeting the afternoon of the Port Arthur massacre, and showed at the Hobart Police briefing within the hour.

Stewart Beattie
Brunskill Rd,

End Notes


Permission to copy & publish is granted by the author, in the public interest, provided there are no alterations whatsoever to the text.


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