Killtown: stage managed?



thelibra (Forum Moderator) - "Killtown, in the future, please refrain from just making things up and presenting them as fact. I'm editing the title of this thread, and I'd also consider yourself on thin ice as far as this forum goes."(from ATS)

Springer Killtown got banned because he REFUSED to abide the TAC, PERIOD. We'd ban ANYONE who acted like he was WELL before webanned him, we tried on several levels to work with him but to no avail. END OF STORY.

intrepid Well, if you've followed killtowns career, so to speak, he has a propensity to get banned pretty much everywhere that he registers. He wears his bannings like a badge of honor and plays the martyr.

Zaphod58 Killtown WAS warned, and he was told a couple of times in a thread by thelibra that he was on thin ice, and to watch his step. He kept pushing, and then posted to his blog and other places about how ATS was censoring him. It seems to ME that his agenda was to get banned so he could point at ATS and say how they censor the truth movement.

Mirthful Me The member "killtown" was post banned over the weekend for violating the new "Closer Scrutiny" policy for the 9/11 Forum… The member also recently received a warning for conduct in the 9/11 Forum, and has had several U2U exchanges with senior staffers (as has most of the regulars within the 9/11 Forum). Killtown was well aware that everyone was under the microscope, and he continued to post in a manner that was not to "Deny Ignorance, but to bait and troll… Apparently to allow him to play the role of the oppressed "truther" on other sites. This had become his sole reason for participating here at ATS, and as such was "contributing" in a manner that does in fact violate the Terms & Conditions.

SkepticOverlord After much consideration and discussion among our staff, it is with sincere regret that I announce the termination of ATS membership privileges for "killtown."



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