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well... its hard to know where to start but here I go.

I had taken an interest in all the 911 theory vids that were bombarding myspace bulletins. I found the subject interesting and it seemed that many others were as well. Eventually I came across some no plane videos and watched them. The first couple seemed pretty silly to me. Then I saw a few more and they made a few good points and got me thinking. Most other people into 911 theory were bashing the NPT (no plane theory) so I found that asking others about the vids resulted in harsh conversations. They would say, "thats disinfo... they are trying to bring down the truth movement" The "truth movement" were offering some oddball explanations for 911 themselves, so I thought it was kind of hypocritical of them to act like only their theories were acceptable and decided to be "quiet" about my further investigation into the NPT from that point on. So in effect, the "plane huggers" as they are called by the No Planers, first drew the line in the sand on taking sides. That was a big factor looking back on the fiasco. The No planers were more open to things it seemed. So I kept watching their propaganda vids. Then I made contact with one of them. KILLTOWN.

I knew killtown was one of them but I had no idea at the time that he was one of the top dogs. As I began a "friendship" with him, I soon began to see just how "big" his status was. The no planers saw him as the ultimate NPT guru and the plane huggers saw him as their biggest threat, I had made a lot of friends with the plane huggers so it was difficult as first being friends with both sides, Killtown was getting "kicked out of" forums/chat rooms and updating the list all the time, He made it seem that his information was dangerous and that people were deliberately suppressing his research, This gave him kinda of a martyr persona as he kept on doing his thing, while it appeared that the world was against him. As our friendship grew he let me know that he trusted me and wanted to show me just how dangerous his information was. He would have me log into forums and chat rooms that he had been kicked out of and he would log in under a fake name that would sound appealing to the plane huggers like 911truther or something similar. Then he would privately message me and tell me things to ask the group and to watch their reactions. He would tell me to ask about NPT or to ask about Killtown. The chat room would explode. They hated NPT and they hated Killtown. This was his way of showing me that he was being suppressed. In Scientology terms, these plane huggers were SP's.

The gurus....how many of them were there really? It's hard to even say now. It is evident to me now that many of these people were masking themselves as multiple people. But for now lets go back to the early days,

So it was around late 2006 and I was starting to get more into NPT. I had been researching 911 for about 2 years just a hobby. It didnt consume my life but I put a lot of time into researching all the various twist and turns. I suppose I was a "truther". I was really feeling guilty talking to some of the people on the "truther" aka "plane hugger" side that I had been chatting with over the past couple of years. They were all anti-no planer. But I was making "friends" with all the NPT gurus by now. The truthers were saying that their was a "pod" on the under belly of the plane. They were saying that flight 93 was shot down by our own government. They were saying that the pentagon plane was actually a missle. They were saying that no cell phone calls were made from flight 93. These were some fantastic accusations but they didnt have much in fantastic facts to back them up.

BUT the NPT gurus had even a more fantastic story, One that could make those "truther" planes and all that came with them.... literally disappear. You see UNLIKE Scientology, where after you pay lots of money... then you get the CRAZY story.... the gurus werent after money, you got the crazy story first. The planes werent real. HOW DID I EVER FALL FOR THIS? They were good. They could manipulate videos and package videos better than the truthers. They could take all my confusion away. All the things that the truthers could throw out there but couldnt really explain... the NPT gurus could fix it all. I suppose it was a form of CLEAR. If the planes were fake... and the gurus could prove it with video evidence... that was what I was looking for for 2 years, EVIDENCE!! They had it, and I wanted it. I couldnt get enough of it. The whole 911 "conspiracy" that I had been digging into was now becoming "CLEAR".

But just like Scientology... it seems good at first, it makes ya feel like your on to something that youve been missing. These gurus had found it. At least, they were claiming that they had it. They were all complimenting each other on their new "evidence" and on their quality "research"... but were "they" really just a handful of people patting themselves on the back? AND were "they" manipulating the "evidence"? The answers are: they were inventing themselves as gurus and followers of them selves while inventing the evidence, BUT I was too blinded to see it at the time. I was now a no planer.

So now I was a full time dedicated no planer. It was all that I thought about. I was obsessed. Everyday for about 2 years, my life was NPT. I would go to work, then rush home to get on my computer. I had no social life. I would work, watch and make NPT videos all night, sleep a couple of hours, and then do it all over again. My family, friends, and co-workers all thought I was crazy. I was a recluse. But in my mind, they were all SPs. I was on a mission. I was on a quest. I was going to prove them all wrong.

Videos... what a life. lol. I would watch frame by frame of every 911 video... watching that damn plane over and over, frame by frame, into the building. I would do slow mo, I would use filters, I would zoom in. ALL I NEEDED was to find something that the other gurus hadnt found yet. It was a difficult thing to do. The gurus had already been were i was. AND THEY WERE gurus! If only I COULD FIND SOMETHING AND MAKE A VID... I COULD BE PART OF IT ALL. When the rest of the world finally discovered that the planes were fake, I would have a video on youtube date stamped.... showing the world and all the SP's in my life that I really was right about NPT.

I made some vids and got some "atta boy's" from some of the gurus and their followers. Then I made one that I had found some "errors" by the perps. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED in NPT! You gotta understand at this point in NPT... the working theory was that the majority of any 911 footage was real, and that the perps had used layering. That the footage had evidence of layers, where the plane had been inserted. MAN THIS SOUNDS DUMB AS FUCK NOW! But anyway, the goal was to find things that could show evidence of layering. The best way was to use two different shots and compare the flight paths and then show how the paths contradicted each other. There were other ways to show layers as well but THIS video shows this and this video contradicts THAT always wow'ed em.

I had posted a vid that I thought showed exactly that. I WAS EXCITED! I went to sleep for a couple hours, then got up for work but first rushed to youtube to read all the comments about my findings. I had one comment. AND BY A FREAKING PLANE HUGGER! ARRGH! He said that I had made an error and that I had used an angle of the WTC that was completely wrong to compare to another view,
I was a wreck, I didnt have time to see if this guy was right cuz I had to go to work. While I was at work, I reviewed over and over what the guy had written and then it dawned on me that HE WAS CORRECT! SHIT! I had made an error and by now all the NPT people had seen my folly. I went home after work and was expecting to read comments from both sides calling me an idiot. GUESS WHAT? The No Planers, had my back. They said that I had it right. I was happy even though I knew that it was wrong. I later figured it out though. The no planers knew it was wrong too. They had seen those vids more than me. It wasnt about me making a video that was correct... it was about keeping no plane theory working. NO MATTER WHAT. Truth didnt matter. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A CLUE OF THINGS TO COME.

The original working NPT theory was this. That the government or a rogue element within the government had hijacked the television feeds on 911 and that the plane had been inserted into the feed. But there were amateur videos and pics floating around so something had to be done about that. On 911 there were videos and cameras confiscated as evidence, then later returned to the owners. This worked out perfect for NPT. The perfect excuse for all the planes captured on film. The evidence had been tampered with. The planes had now been inserted into the amateurs film. This was new territory to explore but a real push was on now to discredit all the amateur footage. The amateur footage had to be forge or the whole NPT theory would fall apart. It also opened Pandoras box. You see, one thing that made NPT so much easier to digest compared to the "truthers" theory was that it was more streamlined. The truthers had so many loose ends and required a very large organized group to carry out the 911 attack. NPT was simple at first. NO PLANES... just a few hijacked media feeds. That seemed more plausible to carry out by a smaller group of perps.

But now, Pandoras box was open... the conspiracy now went beyond the original theory. Now it involved more agencies. More people. More to research. More videos to watch and make. So now the reporters, the police, the witnesses, and eventually even the fireman were suspect to be "in on it". A lot of effort went into proving that the reporters and witnesses were lying. There was a lot of footage to use and someone would always find a way to use it to support NPT.

As time went on more and more witnesses began to speak out. The truth movement had peaked on the web and had bled over into the national media. More people were stepping up that had never been in the limelight. Average Joes were popping up on documentaries on the web, on the news, on radio shows, even the Discovery Channel. You had Rosie on the View and Charlie Sheen speaking out, the Truth Movement was in full stride. The only problem was that too many average Joes were sharing their stories and their stories sometimes included eyewitness accounts of seeing the plane fly into the towers. THIS WAS NOT GOOD FOR NPT.

The matter would soon be "taken care of" by the new working theory that the gurus developed. The whole production was faked! ALL the footage was fake and all the people coming forward were paid actors. All the witnesses in all the original amateur footage were actors. The entire event was a big Hollywood production. ANYONE supporting the government's story OR the Truth movements version was a perp or an actor.

This caused a lot of inner turmoil for me. I had invested so much into believing NPT. Things were not Clear to me at all. I was confused as hell. I had trusted into the gurus research so much in the beginning... how could they flip so easily. How could the theory change so drastically. I thought they had Clear? Should I keep with them? I was a wreck. My common sense was telling me one thing but I was so involved and emotional invested. I wanted the gurus to have the answers. I wanted them to be right about it all. I tried to work the new theory in the best that I could, but I was more messed up than ever now. Then I saw a video about a former Scientologist, he was fresh out of Scientology and explaining his experience. Then things began to make sense.

I found a video about Jason Beghe on Google videos. It was 2 hours long. I was entranced by the video. This guy had been heavily involved into the Church of Scientology. His story resonated with mine. Here was a guy spilling his heart out. He had been fooled. He had been tricked. He had given up his mind ,family and friends for a belief. It had started out so innocent and had gone so bad. Jason Beghe was just like me. He just wanted Clear, which was what I was wanting except I called it evidence. His friends and family or anyone who didnt support his beliefs had been shut off from him because they were SP's... I didnt have a name for these people, but I had plenty of Sp's. He talked about how he would have been considered a logical intelligent person before he got brainwashed by the Church and how he couldnt understand how he could have fell for it. I could totally relate. He talked about in his search for Clear, they said they had it. But the more he tried to obtain it, the more unclear he became. The Church would just keep giving him more courses and would just dismiss the old courses that he had gone through, THIS WAS NPT. They claimed that they had Clear, but when the first theory didnt achieve Clear, the gurus just simply flipped all the old research into a new theory, CLEAR was unobtainable and so was proof of NPT. The Church has KSW and the no planers did the same. Keep NPT working, no matter what!

Now that I had began getting my mind back, I began reassessing everything NPT had offered. I wanted to know... did the gurus know that NPT was a scam or were they just wrong yet innocent. I had made friends with a lot of them... or at least a lot of different sock puppets. I figured the best thing to do was not be harsh and accuse people of deception. I still wanted to be friends with these people but I wanted to help them. I decided to go after the HOLY GRAIL of NPT. SEPTEMBER CLUES. Simon Shack was definitely one of them at the top level, maybe only second to Killtown. Killtown did the most "activism" in that he had a forum, a dedicated website, and would be guest on internet radio shows. Killtown also made videos... but not September Clues. AND September Clues was the NPT gateway. I then began to watch September Clues with an unbiased mind. I still wanted to believe people like Simon Shack and Killtown were good people who had just innocently made some judgment errors. I didnt remain unbiased long. September Clues, once disassembled and watched frame by frame and word for word showed intentional chicanery. Simon Shack was not just mistaken about NPT, he was inventing it. He wasnt alone. Others like Killtown, Ozzybinoswald, and CNN911FAKES were too. Ozzy was really out of his mind... the Pandoras box had gotten out of control. He was inventing people and spying on real people. Things were way out of control and I could see it all.






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