Phil Jayhan: lying?

Subject: Jayhan is the one who is lying.

I think I need to clear something up here.

PJ is running a low trick - pretending that WF has hijacked his site and
with-held his files.

In the flurry of emails its understandable if some people have got confused
about whats happened and are falling wholly or partially for Phil's lies.

Let me run you through what happened.

For a long time WF has hosted "letsroll". More than a week ago she told Phil
that she was no longer prepared to. It doesn't matter whether you agree with
this decision, its her bandwidth and she's perfectly entitled to decide at
any time to say that she's no longer prepared to give it away. As it
happens, her reasons were perfectly justifiable, but in any case, that's not
the point.

If someone really feels strongly enough that letsroll is deserving of
subsidy then they can do it themselves. WF is under no obligation to do so.
The point is that WF gave Phil fair notice to organize somewhere else to put
his site.

Over a week went by, and Phil did nothing. A week had been the agreed time
frame. One can only deduce that Phil was attempting to call WF's bluff.

"I'm just going to leave it there - what are going to do ? "

So WF showed she was serious by fiddling with the front page - as in "I'm
serious Mr Jayhan."

Then Phil completely spat the dummy. Like a child who ignores multiple
warnings of a smack if they keep spitting on you, and then howls with
indignation when you finally deliver it.

To try to cover up his dummy spit, Phil has told a number of straight out

The first is the lie that the reason WF kicked him off the site is because
he wont support WFs work and that he criticized me for supporting it. Both
are untrue. PJ has never supported WFs work. And yet she's hosted his site
for ages. What changed things was when Phil implicity defended Leland's
butter plane farce in relation to the pentagon and also suggested that only
investigations sanctioned by the same people who committed the crime had any

And my stoush with Phil was also in relation to this, nothing to do with
Phil criticizing me over the WTC non-planes. That issue wan't even part of
the discussion.

You may or may not think they are good reasons to remove hosting privellage
- but again it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, WF can do what she
likes with her own bandwidth, and if PJ really thinks that he has a valid
argument that the removal of such generosity was unjustified, then why does
he lie about what precipitated it ?

Now, here's the bigger lie told by PJ. As soon as he began his dummy spit,
PJ claimed that WF was refusing to allow him to even access his files.

How do we know this is a lie ? Because, if such a dynamic had already been
established - prior to the public stoush - which is what PJ is claiming -
then there must have been some email correspondence in relation to it.

In order to try to determine who was telling the truth, I did a very simple
bit of detective work. I requested that PJ forward any correspondence -
written prior to when the allegation about WF with-holding the files was
made - which established that the situation had already been discussed.

PJ confirmed that no such correspondence had ever taken place. Thus when he
came on to the list thundering that WF was with-holding his files, we know
that he was lying at that time. So when WF told him - 3 times - that his
files were waiting for him, and he claimed that they were still being
with-held, we can only surmise that he is continuing the lie in order to try
to cover his first lie - a lie which has been proven.

To sum up. For a long time ,WF generously hosted the site of someone who
never supported her work - because she thought he was at least on the right
path. When she realized that he wasn;t, she withdrew the support - with fair
notice. PJ abused the fair notice and attempted to blackmail WF into
continuing to host the site - firstly by calling her bluff and forcing her
to take drastic action -and then using that as opportunity to tell lies
about her hijacking his files.

So, this is actually about PJ trying to steal WF's bandwidth through public
blackmail and character assasnination.

That's what happened, and I hope this will be the end of the discussion in
relation to it. First we had Leland wasting out time with margarine sky
warriors and butter 757s, something implicitly supported by Phil. When they
got beaten up too badly to continue with that, then we have more of our time
wasted with a tantrum and personal slander campaign against WF.

Don't you all see what's happening here?

Nobody has ever been able to debunk WF's work. So they resort to character
assassination. Now quite frankly - it doesn't even matter whether anyone
likes WF's personal style. What's important is her work - which she
continuously and clearly presents with mountains of documentation - and for
the most part gets ignored or met with petty complaints about personal style
or with cartoon rubbish about planes with interchangeable wings and

Then when she defends her work she's accused of "disunity". This was exactly
the same tactic that the Ruppert and Rivero mob used against me on my
pentagon research. They'd launch a full on attack on my work, and then when
I defended it, twist it into an impression that I had started the fight, and
then shift the focus to my "argumentative" , "unpleasant", and worst of all
"divisive" character, They couldn't win the research argument, so they'd
play the man instead of the ball, and then twist that into an impression
that I was the one who had started the headkicking. Most people have now
given up these tactics in relation to the pentagon and WTC evidence , but WF
is still copping it in relation to her work. And I can't believe the way
people keep falling for it.

For example, when the Salters launched their big attack. Before too long
things were going very badly for them. So the discussion abruptly shifted to
WF allegedly being a serial cointelpro accuser. Suddenly it didn't matter
any more what actually happened at the WTC, all that mattered was that WF
was a nasty person and therefore all her work was wrong. And people who
should have known better fell for it, and attempted to turn it into a trial
for conitelpro accusing - with WF the only one facing charges. We are now
seeing the same underlying tactic with a slightly different face from PJ.
Forget what we're all here for, just slander WF any way you can to try
obscure her work.

And if people want this planet to be here much longer, you'd better start
taking her work seriously. Unless you'd rather sit around and listen to
butter plane Phil throwing a personal tantrum.






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