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author: Rita S.
Jan 09, 2009 02:55

It is one thing to believe strange conspiracy theories about the September 11th attacks on America, and quite a another to leverage that belief as an excuse to harass anyone who dares to question his personality cult.

Killtown. A name hated and reviled in conspiracy circles on the internet. In their own words:

thelibra (Forum Moderator) - "Killtown, in the future, please refrain from just making things up and presenting them as fact. I'm editing the title of this thread, and I'd also consider yourself on thin ice as far as this forum goes."(from ATS)

Killtown got banned because he REFUSED to abide the TAC, PERIOD. We'd ban ANYONE who acted like he was WELL before webanned him, we tried on several levels to work with him but to no avail.

Well, if you've followed killtowns career, so to speak, he has a propensity to get banned pretty much everywhere that he registers. He wears his bannings like a badge of honor and plays the martyr.

Killtown WAS warned, and he was told a couple of times in a thread by thelibra that he was on thin ice, and to watch his step. He kept pushing, and then posted to his blog and other places about how ATS was censoring him. It seems to ME that his agenda was to get banned so he could point at ATS and say how they censor the truth movement.

Mirthful Me
The member "killtown" was post banned over the weekend for violating the new "Closer Scrutiny" policy for the 9/11 Forum... The member also recently received a warning for conduct in the 9/11 Forum, and has had several U2U exchanges with senior staffers (as has most of the regulars within the 9/11 Forum). Killtown was well aware that everyone was under the microscope, and he continued to post in a manner that was not to "Deny Ignorance, but to bait and troll... Apparently to allow him to play the role of the oppressed "truther" on other sites. This had become his sole reason for participating here at ATS, and as such was "contributing" in a manner that does in fact violate the Terms & Conditions.

After much consideration and discussion among our staff, it is with sincere regret that I announce the termination of ATS membership privileges for "killtown."

Its sad one would merely use ATS as a way to gain attention.I applaud Skeptic Overlord and co. for their actions in this matter.

To be honest he's always seemed to me to be more interested in creating drama on forums than anything in particular he's saying anyway.

Fett Pinkus
Ban baby ban

If he never corrects any of his theories, even in the face of UNDEBUNKABLE evidence, then that tells us a lot about his motives and agenda.

He doesn't understand that this drama won't change the fact that his theories are dead

Killtown, an influent 911movement gatekeeper, gradually muted all those exposing the disinformation tactics at his forum.
Silence, censorship and personal attacks have been the ultimate weapons used against truth. Ace Baker and Genghis, two of the most prominent researchers on the fake planes field, have seen their privacy invaded by nameless, faceless and spineless internet stalkers


Quite a collection of quotes! The researcher known as "Killtown" or "KT", has mirrored his material at The Webfairy's site for some time:

Its a strange mix of material from government archives, paeans to Libertarian philosophy, the works of Webster Tarpley, right-wing Constitutional politics, 911 conspiracies and a bizarre hit blog called Flight 93 Photo Fraud that makes the claim Shanksville witness Val McClatchey, who took the photo The End of Serenity, not only faked her photo, but did so to make a money off the 9/11 attacks and defraud a charity.

Outrageous claims, one might say. But "Killtown" is an outrageous guy. Not afraid to cause a stir, soon after his debut on the conspiracy scene, his sites became the target of numerous removals and bannings.

Or were they? In 2003 alone Killtown's site was moved three times. Over the next two years, two more sites would vanish without a trace, and one would be threatened with termination on "the eve of explosive news", as Killtown claims, never at a loss for the dramatic(this explosive news was never revealed). More "bad luck" would visit him in 2007; his MySpace would vanish, as would his YouTube account. Someone was impersonating him, or so he claims. And all during this time he was waging a war against censorship he fought so fiercely he found himself banned unjustly from virtually every major conspiracy site, as well as a couple of mainstream sites.

That's the story he wants us to believe. The real story of Killtown is complicated and not completely known. His reputation initially came from his credits in the 911 conspiracy film, Loose Change, that promised to prove the September 11th attacks were a government conspiracy, but instead has become a source of conspiracies itself. Killtown, ambitious for his own spot light, severed his connections as soon as convenient and took up the cause of "No Planes", allying himself with James Fezter, an avid supporter of Dr. Judy Wood and her so called theory that the twin towers were zapped into dust by an orbital space laser. But Killtown wasn't deterred by the obviously nuttery. He donned his tin foil hat with a smile, secure his time for fame had come.

What made him so certain of his destiny? What back room deals were made to secure his position as a conspiracy researcher and debater extraordinar? Ms. Wood herself was rumored to be rehabilitated from a tragic accident. His close associate, Rosalee Grable, known as the Webfairy, herself was institutionalized then released under sketchy circumstances not fully reported at this time. Both have worked tirelessly from deep inside the kooky camp, pushing the bizarrest of "theories"; could it be an arrangement was made with Killtown as well, setting himself up to be his own star?

If so, Killtown could be a victim of his own success. His previous reputation, built on reposting reams of archived government footage, plus a snazzy film credit, required minimum engagement with his audience. But in early 2007 Killtown struck out on his own, founding his own forum, 911, where (he claims) "no theory will be censored".

But what he really meant was that no theory he didn't approve of will be censored. Heady with power, Killtown quickly became the thing he claimed to despise, banning people for the slightest disagreement, while letting old cronies like Webfairy and Ozzybinoswald, abuse and provoke members without check. Some of his cronies took to making videos suggesting people they didn't like be executed as terrorists. They marketed this meme as WQ2RX. All the while Killtown turned a blind eye, but in some cases actively encouraged the stalking of their targets. The situation became so dire that by the beginning of 2008 most members fled the board to either the Pumpitout forum or the relatively new 911taboo forum.

The worst was yet to come. In 2008 Killtown was to pay dearly for claiming for four years that Val McClatchey had faked her photo in Shanksville. A group of unknown individuals who claim to be members of Anonymous set up Killtown's Secret Archive, a blog to track Killtown's activities and give former victims a way to share information:

Killtown has blamed various past enemies, real or imagined, for this blog, which may have some basis in fact. The blog actively seeks "donations", that is information, and they claim they will stop as soon as they know exactly who Killtown is. It is not beyond possibility that some of his past victims have, as they say, "sang like canaries". If the allegations claimed in the blog are true, that's not surprising.

They (Anonymous) appear certain Killtown is a type of cyber stalker, working with a gang of people hell bent on slandering or defaming anyone who crosses them. They(the Killtown gang) are recorded digging for information on false pretexts, posting personal details the targets have never posted on-line in public, insinuating death threats through numerous videos. There is even one report of Killtown's alleged girlfriend, Jennifer Wynhausen of Portland, Oregon(rumored to engage in email harassment under the nym "the911stalker") , taking a group of people to someone's house to threaten them with physical violence; though not confirmed, when confronted, Killtown did not deny it.

Outrageous indeed. More recently Killtown has used a possible suicide attempt in a cynical bid to reclaim his former glory:

Killtown makes many wild claims in the video description, not the least of which assuming this was a deliberate stunt. But that is unknown at the time. A real researcher wouldn't have such a callous disregard for the facts, or the suffering of the man in question. Even if it is a "stunt", it is also a cry for help. But Killtown doesn't care; he is determined to get his fame back at any cost and if he needs to step over a body to do it, figuratively or literally, so be it.

This callous nature reveals the real Killtown, an infantile adult desparate for attention. What if the reasons for his sites' mysterious disapearances weren't disapearance at all, but pulled down by Killtown himself to give him the appearance of someone about to crack a conspiracy and feared by "the powers that be"? It would match his later compulsive trolling to get banned, again a cry for attention. His claim someone was impersonating him. He's always a victims. And he can't be just a conspiracy theoriest, he has to be the most conspiratorial conspiracy theorist: laser beams attacked America on 9/11!

This would be simply funny, if not sad, if Killtown wasn't starting to live up to his name: Killtown.

"Anonymous" believes he's dangerous. An associate was caught wiring money off shore. The recipient, a man called Joe Vialls, passed away three years ago from natural causes. Or did he? That is left to those more qualified to investigate. But what is true beyond a doubt is the series of videos featuring death threats, execution imagery and porn to targeting people Killtown's gang has (allegedly) obtained personal information about by deceptive means. The following videos and accounts below are an example of the shenanigans of Killtown's gang:

The first account Dog4tree, attibuted as the "leader" of video threats was Dog4tree, but that account has bee suspended:

We can all agree free speech ends at death threats and intimidation; these videos should be flagged for removal.

This is the product of the Killtown gang. A domain search of reveals Rosalee Grable as the owner, implying a key, if not vital role in the creation of these videos and perhaps they're funding.

In her defense she writes:

I bought the domain name and org in a seemingly gentler time to post transcripts of the 911 Octopus series. I do not endorce violence in any way shape or form against anybody ever. The videos are an artistic depiction of anger and show means of self defense after these Cartoon Creators of a Cartoon Reality establish their Martial Law plans, which were foiled this time around.What this paranoid drivel means can only be guested at. Grable is mistaken if she thinks she pass off implied death threats combined with unauthorized use of personal details as harmless artistic fun. Killtown is not alone in his delusional hubris. Which some of his forum members find shocking when they dare to question these actions:

you are now threatening my children? KILLTOWN! HELP!
So, we will be hunted down, huh? How would you like to be threatened like that? Hey, Webfairy, Killtown, Peggy, Nico? Is it acceptable to post videos that threaten to hunt people?

But Killtown ignores these pleas. His concern for protecting pet theories and his ego out weighs any concern for protecting people, even his own members, from the attentions of his stalking gang. No one is safe who does not agree with him.

What does this mean for the rest of us outside conspiracy circles? The problem is we don't get to chose the online interests of our friends and family. So we may be targeted for cyber stalker activity even if we have no connection to the main targets. It behooves all of us to take an interest in online based stalking, especially after the recent tragic events at Myspace.

Unfortunately, this situation is likely to get worse. Killtown has never faced serious consequences for his actions. Not for his harassment and slander of 911 witness Val McClatchey, not for hosting a gang of video stalkers on his forum. It might take a tragic event to drive home the urgency of hosting sites to enforce their terms of service. Many online service providers, including Invisionfree who host Killtown's forum, take a laissez faire attitude towards complaints, especially if they stand to loose money. What they fail to appreciate is, by neglecting their own Terms of Service, they are helping to create a hostile Internet environment, and losing money will be the least of their problems if someone gets seriously injured.

Or tries to commit suicide and is viciously mocked by an adult child desperate for attention, as Killtown is in this thread,

Ace Baker FAKES suicide on Jim Fetzer's show, Listen to audio clip of fake gunshot -->

But what could motivate Killtown, besides the need for fame and attention? A clue is dropped by a member:
mind-control cult-for-money
Could Anonymous be right? Could Killtown be motivated, or even a victim of, cult influence taking advantage of his natural psychological weaknesses?

Killtown's time of reckoning seems to be coming. It is one thing to believe strange conspiracy theories about the September 11th attacks on America, and quite a another to leverage that belief as an excuse to harass anyone who dares to question his personality cult.

One is the purview of anyone in a free society to believe what they want, no matter how crazy.
The other is possibly criminal and is begging for a civil suit at the least. If Killtown can be connected to stalking and video harassment including death threats, this latest stunt of his part to take advantage of a suicide attempt bodes ill for Killtown's future. If he's upping the ante, his need for attention out of control, it is only a matter of time before "Killtown" finds himself facing a judge.


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"It is pathetically sad that he clings to "anonymousity" at a time when a solid attractive respectable couple like Jennifer and Killtown could create a real on-the-ground impact, much more mainstreamable than Nico's edgy marginalization."

the911stalker email harassment:

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